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Feng Shui Consultations

Whether you are Building, Designing, Buying, Renting, Selling, Living or Working in a premises, Feng Shui can improve your life in so many ways. Clients usually engage a Feng Shui consultant to improve different aspects of their life in areas such as business, wealth, career, health, relationships and academic achievement. We can arrange our immediate environment so that we receive maximum support. Feng Shui Harmony is committed to helping you analyse the issues present in your building using the principles of Feng Shui and offer solutions for improvement. As a Feng Shui Specialist, I prefer to minimise the use of Chinese adornments where possible and instead provide recommendations in a subtle manner through fine-tuning and harnessing the energies that you and your property are receiving through the use of colour and furniture placement. I am a Feng Shui Consultant who has undertaken years of specialised training since 2004 in traditional Feng Shui methods of Form School, Flying Star School, Compass School, Yin/Yang School and Chinese Astrology/Four Pillars of Destiny. In essence, I am able to provide recommendations that will maximise the energy of the home  or business for the occupants so that there is improvement in the health, wealth and relationship areas of their lives. I accept payment via Credit Card, cheque, cash or direct deposit.

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Space Clearing

Do you want to get rid of any negative or stagnant energy in your home or business that you feel is affecting your life negatively? If so then you will love this service. I come to your premises and conduct a space clearing ceremony with you that you will be able to do by yourself in future. We will banish any negativity (including ghosts) and invoke positive energy into your life which will allow you to achieve your goals much easier as the energy you spend your time in will be supportive of you.

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Geomancy Audit

Do things “feel wrong”in your home or business? When you go on holidays or stay with friends or family do your constant headaches cease, do you have more energy and do you generally just feel better? Your home could be suffering from Geopathic Stress which is impacting negatively on your immune system. In this Geomancy Audit, I will conduct a visit to your premises, analyse the requirements of the site and I will then make and place any required remedies accordingly. All of these remedies are included in the cost of the consultation and will be supplied by me. There is an optional report which I can post to you following the audit.

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Professional Organiser

As a Professional Organizer who has undertaken intensive training, I can assist with all your organizing needs. Whether it be working out the paper flow in your office, organizing how to structure folders on your computer, filing at your office, clearing out the garage, kids rooms, kitchen pantry or wardrobe, I am ready, willing and able to assist. No job is too big or too small for me to help.

I never throw anything out without the clients permission and am happy to do the job myself or working directly with the client.

I started a side arm to my business called “Organized Harmony” when I noticed a need with my Feng Shui Harmony clients who required help clearing their clutter. Essentially the gains you can make by using Feng Shui to increase your prosperity, abundance and wellbeing are limited if clutter is present. The aim of Organized Harmony is to assist clients with creating order, free time and improving their overall wellbeing.

I  have conducted information sessions on Feng Shui and the importance of clearing your clutter to the Sydney chapter of the Association of Australian Professional Organizers (AAPO).

One client who lived in the Pennant Hills area sent me a text after I had spent 5 hours sorting out her wardrobe and 3 hours sorting out her linen cupboard saying “thanks so much for helping me, I love my life now and no longer dread opening the cupboards each day”.

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