Feng Shui is an eco-science of intentional design and harmony that originated in China about 3000-4000 years ago. It is having a resurgence in popularity for very practical reasons – it works!

There are different types of Feng Shui – Ancient, Traditional and Modern. Feng Shui Harmony practices all three types.

Ancient Feng Shui is also known as Geobiology or Geomancy. It attempts to understand and quantify the spirit of a place. It looks at geopathic stress which weakens your immune system that is present in the land and within a building and remedies it accordingly.

Traditional Feng Shui is the most well known of these types of Feng Shui although within this practice are a number of differing methodologies which can make the subject quite confusing – especially if relying on a few books to Feng Shui your home. I have more information on the different schools of Feng Shui in my Feng Shui Blog. Feng Shui Harmony practices Form, Compass, Fire Placement, 8 Mansions and Flying Star schools of Traditional Feng Shui. The aim of Traditional Feng Shui is to work out the energy distribution in a building, remedy and harmonise the negative energy and optimise the positive energy using water features, furniture placement, affirmations and colours (especially red).

Feng Shui can be a cure for what ails your home. For instance if you are considering selling your home, applying solutions based on feng shui principles can be exactly what you need to sell it quickly. If you rid your home of what makes it feel uncomfortable to potential buyers then it becomes more saleable.