Learning Institutions

I have studied with a number of teachers including Masters and would highly recommend the following Institutions if you would like to learn in depth about Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.

For a foundational course on Feng Shui you cannot go past the Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES) Certificate IV in Feng Shui. The college is run by Nicole Bijlsma who is an amazing lady who knows her stuff. She is a published author, naturopath and Feng Shui expert amongst other things and is highly sought after by the media. She has a high level of integrity and is willing to share her knowledge with as many people as possible which is why she started the College. If you are interested in learning about Feng Shui, including modern principles like creating a healthy home as well as more metaphysical  subjects like Space Clearing and Geomancy then this is the course for you. The college also offers other courses on Building Biology as well which I also highly recommend. Course information can be found at www.aces.edu.au or phone 1300 889 845.  Nicole’s off-sider Katina Benis, is one of the nicest people you could meet. Katina is always there for you if you have any questions or just want to ring up and chat too. She is passionate about geomancy and sacred space and is a valuable asset to the College. Raphael Siket, a renowned Building Biologist also teaches at the College and imparts his skills and experiences in the subject called Modern Feng Shui which is about ensuring your home is healthy from an environmental perspective.

Once you have a foundational level of knowledge I would highly recommend further study through two specific teachers.

  1. Master Liu through his personal understudy Melynda Munroe and the National Academy of Feng Shui, teach specific information from the Yin Yang School of Feng Shui. This school is not well known but the formulas learnt in this school have been tried and tested over thousands of years and passed down through Master Liu’s lineage. You won’t find this information in books. Specific information about fire formulas, annual star energy, period energy and even selling real estate can be learnt through the Academy. Master Liu is a 4th generation Feng Shui Master. He has lived and worked in Australia since the 1990’s. If you are interested in attending courses then contact Melynda on 0429 009 099
  2. Grand Master Raymond Lo teaches courses in Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and I Ching that are valuable for the practitioner with a basic level of knowledge already. His teaching style is excellent and very structured and easy to follow what is quite a complicated subject. Grand Master Lo has knolwedge about a number of intricate water formulas which he covers in Feng Shui 2. Course information can be found at http://www.raymond-lo.com/

Practitioners – Feng Shui

I offer remote consultations anywhere in the world however if you would prefer working one on one with a Feng Shui consultant then I can recommend the following Feng Shui consultants.

Tasmania – Vicki Sauvage Ph 0427 902 220 (good e-books for sale too)

Victoria – Melynda Munroe Ph 0429 009 099

Western Australia –  Zdenka Underwood Ph 0400 89 44 88 (also an architect)

Health & Wellbeing Services

New South Wales

Kinesiology – Kim, Cherrybrook Ph 0410 579 908

Naturopathy & Massage – Suzie Kerkin, West Pennant Hills Ph 0411 144 723

Chinese Acupuncture and Acupressure – David Hu, Pennant Hills Ph 0411 369 778

Reflexology – Doris Gordon, Westleigh Ph 0417 230 820

Bowen Therapy, Joshua, Roseville Ph 9415 4023

Crystal Supplier and Meditation evenings – Christine’s Crystals, Seven Hills, Ph 0416 132 751

Mediumship/Clairvoyant – Joy Ph 9686 2230


Building Biology – Raphael  0432 170 195

Naturopathy in Shepparton – Melynda Munroe Ph (03) 5831 7313

Reiki & Tarot – Jenny Ph 0417 593 193

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Tyler (03) 8790 9875

Other Services

Counsellor – Neil, Turramurra Ph 0400 027 173

Guitar Lessons – Nick, Pennant Hills Ph 0430 191 770

IT expert – Peter, Crows Nest Ph 1300 880 025

Marriage Celebrant – Greg Ph 0422 404 129

Personal & Corporate Image Consultant – Cosimina, Beecroft Ph 0438 214 919

Personal Branding Expert – Vanessa Ph 0412 835 562

Photographer – Fiona Ph 0425 236 101

Public Speaking training – Adrienne, North Turramurra Ph 0414 367 960

Real Estate Agent – Liz Ph 0411 434 696

Scrapbooking Supplies and lessons – Cassie, West Pennant Hills Ph 0410 644 487


A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife – Victor Zammit

Animal Speak – Ted Andrews

Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui – Karen Kingston

Feng Shui Essentials – Raymond Lo

Flying Star Feng Shui – Stephen Skinner

Healthy Home Healthy Family – Nicole Bijlsma

I Ching Divination for Feng Shui and Destiny – Raymond Lo

The Body is the Barometer of the Soul – Annette Noontil

The Feng Shui Way – Juliana Abram