It is so important that the Feng Shui Consultant you engage knows what they are doing because only then will all aspects of your environment be taken into consideration. To properly study Feng Shui you need to continue studying – there are many Schools of Feng Shui and numerous formula to learn. Because of this there are Feng Shui consultants practicing ranging from those who have only done a weekend “How To” course on Feng Shui, those that have made Feng Shui their lifelong work and study and of course those that sit in between. It is obvious that the more study your Feng Shui consultant has done the better they will be able to help you achieve your desired outcomes using the principles of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. Below is a list of courses I have completed. I have been studying Feng Shui specifically since 2004 and each year I continue with my studies to ensure I can be the best Feng Shui Consultant I can be and that I can help my clients improve their environment to improve their prosperity, abundance and wellbeing.

Member Of…

Association Of Feng Shui Consultants

I have been a member of this Association for many years and held the Treasurer Position here for a while. I have attended the Conference in Melbourne and have formed many wonderful friendships as a result of my membership of this Association.

International Feng Shui Association – Australian Chapter

ifsa_logo_v1-e1326077061766I have been a member of this Association since its inception in 2011 and attended the inaugural Conference and am looking forward to attending the next conference in May this year in Melbourne. I have also helped in a volunteer capacity at the International Feng Shui Day luncheon. I was successful in recently getting an article published in their magazine – click here for link to article in Feng Shui Today.


Qualification Details


Previous President, Vice-President, Treasurer and first Accredited Feng Shui consultant in NSW of the Association of Feng Shui  Consultants (AFSC)

Current  Corporate Member of the International Feng Shui Association – Australian Chapter (IFSA)


  • Certificate IV in Feng Shui with Distinction from Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES)
  • Chinese Astrology courses 1 – 8 from Australian Academy of Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui 1 & 2 from Grand Master Raymond Lo’s School of Feng Shui & Destiny
  • I Ching from Raymond Lo’s School of Feng Shui & Destiny
  • Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny from White Dragon’s Jerry King
  • Understanding Feng Shui Fire Theories – Master Liu & Melynda Munroe
  • Overview of Period 8 & Annual Flying Stars – Master Liu & Melynda Munroe
  • Selling Real Estate using Feng Shui – Master Liu & Melynda Munroe
  • Practical Feng Shui for Modern Living – Lillian Too
  • Business Feng Shui – Howard Choy
  • 8 Mansions Feng Shui – Howard Choy
  • Secrets of the Lopan – Howard Choy
  • Journey of the Tarot – Vic Ketis
  • Tarot Reading – Michelle de Angelis
  • Lenormand Card Divination Level 1 & 2 – Dennis Ganchingco
  • Certificate of Professional Study Zi Ping Ba Zi – Master Vin Leo
  • San He Internal Feng Shui – Master Vin Leo
  • Quan Kong Da Gua Part 1 & 2 – Master Bennis Feng Shui Research Centre Australia
  • Advanced Flying Stars Part 1 & 2 – Master Bennis Feng Shui Research Centre
  • Advanced Flying Stars 1 & 2 – Grand Master Stephen Skinner
  • Chinese Astrology Level 1-6 Dr Jin Peh
  • San Yuen Yuen Gua Feng Shui System – Edgar Lok Tin Yung

Other Qualifications

  • Masters of Education in Health Education (Order of Merit), University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Education in Human Movement (Class 1 Honours), University of Sydney
  • Certificate III in Financial Management

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