Business & Corporate Feng Shui Consultations


I have helped many businesses ensure the Feng Shui of their building is as supportive as possible. The main focus for business is wealth and activating this specific energy to ensure financial success is one of my main priorities when doing a Business consultation. Whether you are Building, Designing, Buying, Renting, Selling or Working [...]

Logo & Business Card Development


This service is all about optimising the chance of success for your business. Whether it be assistance with designing your logo or your business card or both, Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology can help get your business off to a great start or revitalise your business if it needs a refresh. By incorporating favourable elements [...]

Chinese Astrology


I have studied Chinese Astrology for three years through Vic Ketis at the Australian Academy of Feng Shui. I have studied the eight courses he offers which examine various aspects of Chinese Astrology including health, relationships, financial, luck, clashes, combinations, symbolic stars and favourable and unfavourable elements. I also completed an intensive shorter course with [...]

Space Clearing Ceremony


Why get a Space Clearing done? I recommend getting a Space Clearing done when; You are moving into a new home / business Prior to placement of remedies for Feng Shui purposes When you are trying to sell your home When energy feels stuck When the household is sad, lacks energy and members have poor [...]

Date Selection


General Date Selection There are many times in life where you will be better planning a specific event on a particular day that you know will be supportive energetically.  By choosing an auspicious day, you are likely to have a smooth and successful time. I can provide you with best dates for the following events that [...]

Professional Organiser


Organised Harmony As a qualified Professional Organiser I can come and help organise your life, either at home or work or both! Whether it be organising paper flow in the home office, clearing out the garage, decluttering your kitchen pantry, wardrobe, kids toy room or anything that is causing you stress I can help. My [...]