Why get a Space Clearing done?

I recommend getting a Space Clearing done when;

  • You are moving into a new home / business
  • Prior to placement of remedies for Feng Shui purposes
  • When you are trying to sell your home
  • When energy feels stuck
  • When the household is sad, lacks energy and members have poor communication
  • When you feel there are unsavoury presences in your home.

What is a Space Clearing?

According to Kingston (1999, p. 6) the term Space Clearing was one that she coined many years ago for the branch of Feng Shui that she pioneered and has become best known for. She describes Space Clearing as “the art of clearing and consecrating energies in buildings”.

A space clearing has the effect of removing any stale energy and replacing it with energy which contains positive intentions. It is especially important to conduct a space clearing when you move into a new premises to ensure the energy left by the previous occupants is removed and you can replace it with energy that will support you and the goals you have.  Ensuring the energy is clear also allows any Feng Shui recommendations that your Feng Shui consultant gives you are supported energetically. You can hang windchimes till the cows come home, if you don’t have the area cleared of negative energy and/or clutter they will not be very effective in remedying a situation that is present there. I recommend a space clearing is done every 6 months and once you have completed one with me you will be able to do this yourself as needed.

The clearing is most effective when clutter is kept to a minimum so if possible clean and tidy the space, sweep, mop and vacuum and clear out clutter prior to our appointment. Also ensure all food and drink is away in cupboards or sealed in containers. On the day I will need you to provide me with a copy of a floorplan of your home. This doesn’t have to be to scale and needs to indicate where the smoke alarms are located and who sleeps in each bedroom. You will also need to decide on an area which can be used as a focal point in your home where two candles can be left burning following the ceremony. Making this area as meaningful and beautiful as possible brings the best results (ie fresh flowers, family photo, deity, nice tablecloth etc). It is also best if the area is unlikely to be disturbed by animals or people for at least 48 hours after the clearing. You will need to open all windows and doors prior to my arrival and ensure any pets you have are in a safe place.

Prior to my visit I will send you a questionnaire so you will need to take the time to think about what it is you want to have happen in your life as well as what you want banished from your life as this will be an integral part of the ceremony. If you would prefer I can do the ceremony with no one present but it is preferred to have at least one of the occupants involved in the clearing if possible.


When I mentioned to a friend that both my teenagers had seen something unusual in our home she suggested that I needed a Space Clearing. I found Carolyn through the Association of Feng Shui Consultants so I felt that she would be reputable.

I rang the number for Carolyn and got to speak to her straight away. She didn’t think that I was crazy and explained to me just how common these things are and that yes a space clearing was what I needed, the sooner the better. After faxing Carolyn some details about my house and its occupants Carolyn arranged to come to my home on the very next auspicious date which was only a few days later.

I felt comfortable with Carolyn straight away, my daughter and I sat and chatted for a while and she explained what we were about to do and who was going to participate in the cleansing. As my husband was away and my son was busy, it was my daughter and I that participated. I must say that I found it all fascinating, as did my daughter. Carolyn was very careful to explain what was happening each step of the way and as the three of us walked through my house we felt so calm and relaxed.

Carolyn was very professional and really took the time to listen to my daughter and I. My house now feels calm and has a positive feel about it, we all seem to be communicating better, my anxiety levels have lessened and I feel assured that whatever was in my home that was unwelcome has now been banished. I would definitely recommend Carolyn from Feng Shui Harmony.

Top Qualities: Professional, Friendly, Trustworthy

Mandi, Carlingford, NSW, 2009


I thought you were wonderful and such great value for all the thought and effort you put into your consultation with me. What you gave me in the sense of peace and control was invaluable. Thank you so much. The space clearing has made a huge difference to us. My husband even commented that he thought the house was more “energised” and I can’t thank you enough for what you did.

Top Qualities: Value, Effective, Wonderful

Lucinda, Neutral Bay, 2011


$538 + GST for single storey homes

$588 + GST for double storey homes

From $538 + GST for businesses depending on the size of the area being cleared.

$788 + GST for warehouses, factories, large office complexes

Please note that all prices and service inclusions are subject to change without notice.