The question should be – how can you afford not to! Feng Shui uses the energy that we live and work in to maximise opportunities flowing your way, supporting your health and relationships and creating prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. It is not a new concept – it has been used for thousands of years with great results. Yes, the majority of people do not understand how it works and therefore don’t choose to use it but this is to their detriment. Accessing the benefits of the unseen energy all around us can really help improve things and put you in a much better place than the majority of the population. Feng Shui is like acupuncture for buildings. It ensures the energy is not blocked and is flowing well, improving the life of the occupant if used correctly.

Getting a feng shui consultation completed on your home or your business premises is definitely a worthwhile investment. I have had clients who have purchased new homes and moved in and their life just seems to be going wrong. More conflict in their relationships, more health issues, and lack of finances are quite common in homes that have challenging energy in the Master bedroom and major active areas like entrances. Without having a consultation completed you will not know where this energy is and how it is affecting you. Getting a consultation completed will provide you with an overview of every room in your house, where the good and challenging energy is located, and what you can do to activate the positive energy and harmonise the challenging energy using colours, shapes, specific materials and furniture placement. You can also incorporate  traditional chinese remedies subtly in your home for added benefit but only if you want to.

If you work from home, it is even more important to ensure you are sleeping and working in prosperous energy. If you are not then your business and therefore income can suffer.

Placement of items like water features and anything red can really help to activate energy. If you don’t know what energy they are located in though, you could be inadvertently activating challenging energy like miscommunication, conflict, sickness, robbery or financial obstacles instead. As part of a feng shui consultation, you will be advised where to place activators to support your wealth, fame (important for businesses) and success and promotional opportunities. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me on 0426 999 989 or send me an email at; [email protected]