Below are some Testimonials from satisfied clients. These people are also willing to speak to you about their experiences with me. They cover a number of services including: Feng Shui- Residential and Business, Pre-Purchase Reports, selling your House using Feng Shui, Building Plans & Design,  Space Clearing and Professional Organising.

Feng Shui – Residential

I have had a run of really good luck lately.

I managed to land my dream job this  week. On top of this the salary is higher and I will be working less hours.Thank you for your great advice. I am thrilled with the results of Feng Shui. Its amazing.

Maria, Brisbane, 2016

We have been very busy organising rooms. We made the decision to change bedrooms and we have both never slept better. I cannot thank you enough, I feel able to deal with anything now I have the energy that continual good night sleeps have given me.

Belinda, Hoxton Park, 2015

I am very excited and positive about applying the recommendations to our home and I can already feel a difference.   I have to say I was honestly so surprised at the detail in the report and it has been fantastic.

Melissa, Cranebrook, 2015

As before, you must have worked some magic – not only did I get a freelance job, I just got a permanent job offer! I’m super delighted!

Oksana, London, UK, 2015

Carolyn came to see us to give us a Feng Shui consultation for our home.

She was able to advise us room by room, as to how we could utilise Feng Shui to help optimize our opportunities. One of her first pieces of advice was to de-clutter the house and reorganize some of the rooms. I de-cluttered and rearranged the study and the garage and felt the immediate benefits of this in that I felt a very strong sense that I was taking charge of my life. Making these changes to our home has also brought us some unique opportunities such as unexpected trips overseas and improved job opportunities for my husband.

Since having the consultation, I feel it has broadened my horizons and allowed me to pursue opportunities in my life. I have so much more energy to pursue my passions where previously I was usually too exhausted and busy looking after the children to spend any time on hobbies.

Probably the most appreciated benefit has been that there is greater harmony within our household and family; we all seem to get along a lot better.

In all, I would say that following Carolyn’s advice has been life changing in a positive sense and would highly recommend it to anyone who feels that they could do with a little more luck in their life. Thank you Carolyn!

Top Qualities: Professional, Expert, Results

Sandra, Frenchs Forest, 2015

I had been thinking about Feng Shui for a long time. I was a little hesitant as I didn’t really know what to expect. However when I searched online for a Feng Shui consultant Carolyn’s website and photo were so inviting. My feeling was right. Not only is she a warm and friendly person, in real life, but her service and commitment is second to none. She responded to all my emails/ enquiries, questions within a day. She even came out to see me within two days of me speaking with her. Her prices are the best value there is to find for quality Feng Shui consultation. Carolyn ticked all the boxes when it came to what I was looking for.

She is honest and kind and I even love how she donates money on behalf of her clients. A true practitioner certainly practices and lives what they teach. Thank you Carolyn for all your wonderful help and advice. Thank you for making me feel comfortable with the whole concept of fengshui, for explaining things clearly and for being patient with all my questions. I am looking forward to what all these positive changes in my home and life will produce.

Look no further as Carolyn is the pinnacle of Feng Shui consultations.

Top qualities: Knowledgeable, Supportive, Encouraging, Patient, Thorough

Poppy, Inner West, Sydney, 2014

Carolyn went above and beyond in her efforts to accommodate my budget and was lovely as well as generous. Demonstrating this by taking time to visit my house for a mini-consultation (on a 44 degree day) even though I couldn’t afford to pay for a house-visit as she was in the area seeing another client.

Even the changes she suggested were well within anyone’s means to accomplish. Her presentation was very professional and well thought out. Transferring her findings creatively to my environment was great fun.

Most interesting of all, after acting on her advice for a slight alteration in the abundance area – we had a much needed windfall!! I know that sounds corny, but it is actually true. So I am really grateful for Carolyn’s advice. Even if I am not sure how it works, it’s great to know Carolyn clearly is an expert.

When I move house, I will definitely be in touch again. So thank you again Carolyn.

Top Qualities: Generous, Professional, Results

Isis, Melbourne, 2014

My desire for  change in my life led me to finding Carolyn and her expertise. The changes that took place happened almost overnight. In fact, the very day that Carolyn was scheduled to conduct the consultation in my apartment, I received a much sought after opportunity in my career, and things have just gone from strength to strength since implementing the simple suggestions that she listed in the report. Carolyn is unbelievably patient and diligent in responding to my many emails with questions, and I will definitely be in contact for the yearly report for 2014. I have been singing her praises to my friends and family, and would highly, and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone.

Top Qualities: Patient, Expertise, Diligent
Lauren, Rosebery, 2013
I’ve always had an interest in the practice of feng shui but could never really see much result in dabbling in it on my own based on pop- culture and internet ‘tips’. When it came to needing to move house, I decided it was good time to call in a professional instead. I’m so glad I did! From the moment I met Carolyn she impressed me with her positive approach and wholehearted commitment to personalised consideration and advice. What’s more she made feng shui simple- no need for ‘100 ways to…’, just targeted, practical and easily do- able suggestions. Thanks to Carolyn’s advice and recommendations I’m feeling much more content and comfortable in my new home than I ever imagined, and am looking forward to many more good things unfolding in time as I trust they will.
I have no hesitation in recommending Carolyn as a feng shui consultant who really knows her field and who works from a place of caring interest and commitment.

Top qualities: positive, knowledgeable, approachable

Kate, Birrong, 2013

Carolyn – What a difference you’ve made! Before I contacted you we were living in a ‘sick’ home filled with illness, tension and frustration. But, with your guidance our home is now the healthy, light-filled, nurturing space I dreamed of. Your detailed room summaries and easy to implement suggestions have seen a complete turnaround with us all feeling more relaxed, healthy and happy. And, the fact that you stay in touch and check on our progress means I now refer to you as the ‘gift that keeps on giving J’. I can’t wait for the 2014 annual flying stars review!

Thanks for all you have done, and continue to do.

Top qualities: Knowledgeable, approachable, supportive.

Anna, Canberra, 2013

I found Carolyn insightful and knowledgeable in feng shui. When I contacted Carolyn we have had a period of set backs and unease including unemployment. I was amazed that on the day Carolyn was scheduled to visit, I received a phone call from a recruiting firm, and Carolyn said that happens quite often. Shortly after her visit and our ridding of clutter and moving some items around, we got employment within a week of each other. Believe it or not.

Top Qualities: Short, Simple, Successful.

Ann, Ryde, NSW 2013

Open up your mind and open up your house to Carolyn McCallum and a Feng Shui Harmony Report for your living space.

Since making changes to our house according to Feng Shui, there have been many positives & almost too many to mention, but I will list a few.

First started with a noticeable increase in loving harmony in the kitchen and around our eating area.

For health reasons we moved bedrooms, much to my scepticism & resistance. I now love our bedroom even though its smaller, my girlfriend is healthier and the space is full of love.

We have followed Carolyn’s report as close as possible, this report is not to be taken lightly. My life has changed dramatically, I have become so much more open to change, I’m not so stuck, and have a feeling of true abundance. Thanks to Carolyn’s generosity and her Feng Shui report, I have made the changes to my life I never thought possible. I believe if you are prepared to accept Feng Shui with openness, good fortune will be yours. Thank you so much Carolyn.

Top Qualities: Generous, Knowledgeable, Caring

Kim, Yamba, 2013

Carolyn did a full consultation for my home and family. She took her time and answered all my questions and had great suggestions that were and are easy to do in the home. Ever since Carolyn was at my home I have new energy to declutter and make my home peaceful. I will definitely have her suggestions and plans out when we renovate our kitchen, and I will also be calling her to do an annual update for next year. Thank you.

Top Qualities: Genuine, Effective, Friendly, Professional

Vanda, Cambridge Park, 2013

Hello Carolyn,

I am very pleased with the Feng Shui consult report that you prepared for me. It was a pleasure to have you in my home and I felt comforted by your obvious knowledge and expertise in answering my questions and assisting me to work towards a peaceful and loving home atmosphere. I have placed almost all the remedies you recommended and health issues that had been bothering my daughter have gone! I feel as though I am surrounded by joy now as I live day by day in my house. I have recommended you to several friends who can feel the difference in my home. I also appreciate the time you take in answering my questions since receiving your report.

Top Qualities: Knowledge, Expertise, Continuing Support

Sue, Cairns, 2013

I was at a stage in my life where I felt lost and unsure where my life was heading. My love life, my work and in general. I needed some advice on Feng Shui as I did not feel easy in my new home. I found you and I felt an immediate connection. The changes you suggested made a world of difference in my new home. Within a few months, I needed to move and went to the unit upstairs thinking the energy would be the same so I didn’t check it out with you first. You contacted me to check how things were going and I told you I had moved to another unit within the block. You asked me to send me your floorplan as the energy would be different and you wanted to check it was OK. Unfortunately, you found it was a nasty place to live in – Ill health all around the entrance and my bedroom. As I was locked into a lease I stayed and I was diagnosed with breast cancer whilst living in the new unit which you had recommended I leave. The support you gave me, the time you took in coming to see me after surgery meant so much to me. You are a beautiful and caring woman, talented with the knowledge you have on Feng Shui. Thank you for time that was valuable. I have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends. Thank you Carolyn, for coming into my life.

Qualities: Caring, Talented, Genuine

Franca, Concord, 2013

“Having purchased a new apartment and planning to replace almost all of my furniture, I contacted Carolyn for some advice on Feng Shui. She was wonderful – so helpful and reassuring, happy to answer any questions along the way. A few months later, my life is even better than before. My relationship has improved out of sight, work is going well, and we are all feeling happy and loving the new place. I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone interested in this field, she is a genuine and caring person who is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Lisa”

Top Qualities: Genuine, Caring, Pleasure to deal with

Lisa, Neutral Bay, NSW, 2012

The moment I saw “Feng Shui Harmony’s” business card I knew to achieve our families goals and start a new fresh chapter in our book of life for 2012, we needed to have a Feng Shui session in our new home.  Carolyn’s suggestions were invaluable as it has created a balanced, happy, healthy and loving place for my family. The colour’s recommended for accessories and interior decorating items were so tasteful and stylish it took the stress out of what to buy. We are so thrilled with our results and we appreciate Carolyn’s professional, supportive and warmth approach to our needs.  We highly recommend Carolyn.

Top Qualities:  Invaluable, Balanced, Supportive

Janelle, Turramurra, NSW, 2012

A couple of things made 2011 a very special year and in a way, a turning point for me and my husband. One is we sold the house we lived in for the last 6 years, the other is I found Carolyn and got to know Feng Shui on a whole new level. Having always believed in Feng Shui, I didn’t know the energy surrounding  you can be so powerful and play such a pivotal role in either a negative or positive way in your day-to-day life.

The last 6 years haven’t been easy and I have always had this uneasy feeling when living in the house we sold that something was not right, however I couldn’t put my finger on anything specifically. Both my husband and I felt stressed and short tempered. There were other issues as well. Carolyn’s Mini Feng Shui report confirmed almost everything we have been experiencing and revealed  that the burned-out feeling we had was due to the kitchen/stove situated at the worst possible location which happen to be where our personal energy was! This house rated only 2 out of 10. We are so happy we have sold it!!

While living in the rental property that Carolyn approved with her “Pre-Purchase report”, my husband and I both experienced a sense of peace and calm we haven’t felt for a long while, our marriage also became a lot stronger during this process.  We then decided that when we purchased our next ‘dream home’, her ‘Pre-purchase’ report was a ‘must-have’ to determine which property to buy.

Throughout the ‘house-hunting’ process, Carolyn has been there for us every step of the way. She is professional, supportive and most importantly she is compassionate about what she does and willing to help others to achieve their goals.  After only 2 months, we have found our ‘dream home’ which rates 8+ out of 10. Both my husband and I are thrilled and can’t wait to live in a Feng Shui tested home. We might never want to move again!

I won’t hesitate a second to recommend her to anyone who wants to improve any aspect in life and achieve more harmony and happiness, after all, we all deserve it. It can be closer than you think, all you need to do is ring Carolyn and she will help you achieve your goals. Thank you Carolyn for all your time, effort and wisdom

Top Qualities: Compassion, Professional, Supportive

Grace, Hunters Hill, NSW, 2012

Carolyn is a consummate professional and is my on-hand Feng Shui consultant.  I speak to her about the big changes that are going on in my life, and how to maximise the opportunities using the universal energies.  The level of personal transformation that I have gone through over the years since Feng Shui showed up in my life is nothing short of miraculous.  I whole heartedly recommend Carolyn and the wonderful work she does.  If you are at all on the fence about getting any Feng Shui or Chinese Astrology done for yourself, I say embrace it with open arms, it’s like therapy, astrology, counselling, fun and inspiration all mixed into one.   You will be changed!

Top Qualities: Professional, Miraculous, Wonderful

Vanessa, Breakfast Point, NSW, 2012

My name is Julie,and I’m from Melbourne Vic. I met Carolyn when I was interstate back in July 2011. I was in need of some feng shui on my house.  Carolyn took my house plans and studied them very thoroughly. She then told me to put a few things into place and where would be the best place for my son to sit when doing homework or any studying, as he had struggled with this. Since moving him into a different location, he has been able to focus more, and get his homework done. We have noticed more energy in ourselves, with what Carolyn suggested, and there seems to be more happiness in the household now.

Carolyn showed she was very professional, friendly and was very quick in giving us  her report on our place. I would recommend Carolyn to any one who needs more harmony, wealth or happiness in their lives.

Thank you Carolyn for all you have done.

Top Qualities: Professional, Gets Results, Efficient

Julie, Melbourne, VIC, 2011

We were fortunate enough to have Carolyn provide a Feng Shui consultation on our home and open our eyes to future possibilities of improving our health, wealth and wellbeing. Carolyn was professional in her approach and presentation and spent time explaining the forms of Feng Shui that she was relying on. Carolyn was also realistic and supportive with her recommendations that we required for our home. We were appreciative of the services that she provided us.

Top Qualities: Professional, Realistic, Supportive

Skye, Central Coast, NSW, 2011

My husband and I had a comprehensive Feng Shui report done on our home in Holland 5 years ago, we were blown away by the results, so when we moved to Oz (home for me) we knew it was something we were going to do again. Carolyn McCallum came highly recommended and did not disappoint, my husband had been having some minor health problems for quite some time, Carolyn immediately picked up the unhealthy environment we were sleeping in, after making the changes she suggested my husband’s health has improved and he’s having the best sleep he’s had for years. Her comprehensive Feng Shui report is full of information, explanation, and structured in a way that is very easy to read and understand. Carolyn’s ongoing support is faultless, when the report is presented and the money paid she is just as committed to the cause as the first meeting, all questions are answered promptly and none are too much trouble, this kind of service and commitment is extraordinary. We chose to implement both the minor and major changes suggested by Carolyn in her report, the minor changes we have implemented over the last couple of months has given positive changes to our finances, health and relationship. The major changes were finished last week and we are looking forward to experiencing the next step in our journey of change……. will keep you posted.

Top Qualities: Highly Recommended, Informative, Extraordinary Service

Sandi, Kariong, NSW, 2011

My partner and I had a mini Feng Shui report done by Carolyn some months ago for another business we owned and were very impressed by it. It provided a brief overview of the building (a commercial space) and the best uses for the areas within it as well as some suggestions for improvements. It was certainly a great first step into Feng Shui and its possibilities.

Carolyn’s report was thoroughly researched and well written and she’d clearly invested time & consideration into it. I would highly recommend Carolyn’s work to anyone trying Feng Shui for the first time or for someone seeking a more comprehensive report. Given the professional nature of the mini report, I’m sure a full report would be of even greater value if you’re seeking to maximise your outcomes in any situation.

Top Qualities: Thorough, Comprehensive, Professional

Danita, Dural, NSW, 2011

It was a real pleasure to work with Carolyn. She has deep expertise in the area, and most importantly is very practical in her recommendations – she understands the context, circumstances and environment that we operate within, whether on a personal basis or in business and tailors her advice accordingly. Carolyn turned around her report very quickly, was easily accessible whenever we needed any clarification and always very willing to help us in any way. It’s still early days to write about results but I am sure that there is even more positive flows of energy in our lives already. I would definitely recommend Carolyn to anyone who feels that they would like to optimise and harmonise the environments they work and live in.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Li-Jean, Lane Cove, NSW, 2010

Recently I had Carolyn McCallum from Feng Shui Harmony undertake a Feng Shui reading on my home and provide a report on the outcomes.Prior to the reading I was a little sceptical on the process but I’m interested in the concept of balance and harmony. I have a wife of 21 years, a 17 year old son and a 15 year old daughter living in West Pennant Hills where we enjoy the usual rollercoaster of emotional situations that any family has. After chatting with Carolyn about how we were about to do some painting and moving furniture / bedrooms etc to give the home a different feel, she recommended that to enhance the positive aspects of our home that it would be most beneficial to follow the guidance of Feng Shui.

After doing the initial review of our home, Carolyn then undertook a very thorough investigation and researched our home and how we functioned as a family in the home, to assist the process. In a very short period Carolyn produced a very professional and in depth report for all areas of our home and paid particular attention to each of the occupants and to the suggestions that we made during her initial review. Carolyn made me feel quite comfortable by explaining the whole report very professionally but in terms that even a lay-man like myself could understand. We weren’t forced to take on her recommendations and when we did have a reservation on one of the items, Carolyn had alternatives that we could choose from.

It’s been several months now since Carolyn completed the Feng Shui to our home and I have definitely noticed a positive difference in the family unit and especially within our teenage children. Sure we still have our ups and downs but now there is a noticeable positiveness and goodness to and from all of us. If you’re contemplating a reading or any service from Carolyn I can highly recommend her and Feng Shui Harmony. It makes sense.

Top Qualities: Comprehensive recommendations, Empathetic, Practical

Glenn, West Pennant Hills, NSW, 2009

Feng Shui – Business

After searching for a Feng Shui expert in my area I was so pleased to find Carolyn. I instantly felt at ease after our brief conversation on the phone by her professionalism and friendly demeanour. When we made a time and date to meet she was on time and explained to my business partner and I exactly what she would provide for us. We received our business report a few days later and found it to be very detailed but yet easy to comprehend. Carolyn was also happy to answer any questions we had keeping a strong line of communication open. I look forward to keeping in touch with Carolyn and using her Feng Shui expertise in the future. Thanks so much Carolyn I’m sure Yoga Bare will thrive with the help of your suggestions.

Top Qualities: Professional, Friendly, Punctual

Lisa, Yoga Bare, McGraths Hill, 2013

We have a Natural Therapy clinic in Castle Hill with 5 Practitioners working from it. We asked Carolyn in for a Feng Shui consult and found her exceedingly accurate in her perception of each individual Practitioners needs within the Clinic. It was important for the integration of Practitioners within the Practice, for them to be happy in their “space” thereby enabling the best outcomes for their Clients within the field that they worked.

At all times Carolyn imbued her enthusiasm & integrity throughout the Consultation making it simple to integrate the beneficial Feng Shui changes. She also either had on hand , or could direct us to obtain articles required to be put in place and more importantly explained why that particular article was used there. We were exceedingly happy with what she helped us create and have no hesitation in recommending Carolyn in assessment of any work place area or home.

Top Qualities: Accurate, Enthusiastic, Integrity

Alternative Therapy Clinic, Castle Hill, 2013

Working in the interior design industry, Feng Shui is a philosophy that is extremely complementary to my work in more ways than one, and in recent times there is an increasing interest by clients to apply the principles to their projects.

My story is that I had moved my office to my newly renovated home, and had employed a Feng Shui practitioner locally to harmonise the spaces within my new home, both for work and to create a peaceful environment to live in. Unfortunately I could tell that something was not quite right, something was missing, overlooked, creating an unfinished feel to the spaces within. I had come across Carolyn’s site, searching for more information on what could be done. On speaking to Carolyn, it became instantly apparent, she knew her ‘stuff’, and agreed to fly to Brisbane to see firsthand what could be done.

Carolyn quickly recommended what needed to be applied, explaining why, and what to expect for the year ahead. The results, were not imagined, there was an instant turnaround on so many levels. She explained that Feng Shui is not a set and forget, but a yearly practise, of adjusting to the ever changing energies present.

The results have spoken for themselves, and I have recommended to my clients who are open to using Feng Shui, to engage Carolyn for their projects.

I highly recommend Carolyn to anyone, regardless of where they live in the country who is thinking of using a Feng Shui practitioner, she is very skilled at what she does, communicates clearly and is always on hand to discuss or clarify what is needed.

If only I had known from the start of my own home renovation, but I’m grateful now to have her skilled help available to assist in further projects in the future.

Thomas & Alexander Interiors, Paddington, Qld, 2015

Top Qualities: Accurate, Immediate Results, Skilful

Pre-Purchase Feng Shui Reports

Now that the madness of selling & purchasing a home has settled, I wanted to take the time to reflect and provide feedback on our experience with your professional Feng Shui services.

We got to know  Carolyn McCallum around the time my daughter was born, who provided advice on relationships, and auspicious positions for furniture placement & color.

When it came time to sell our home & buy another, it made sense to re-engage Carolyn for a Feng Shui perspective to maximize success, wealth & harmony.

Carolyn worked tirelessly on pre-purchase reports for 3 properties, before we finally found the “right” home. It was amazing the simple things that Carolyn pointed out, that made complete sense when we re-looked at them on why they should influence our decision. We also came to learn that Carolyn was one of very few feng shui consultants specially trained in “feng shui fire school” which had a dramatic impact on the prosperity of a home. What was even more amazing was reading Carolyn’s synopsis of a home, and deciding not to purchase, but later learning of the history of a home, and how it had effected the occupants personal lives in separation, sickness, relationships, or wealth.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Carolyn’s professional Feng Shui consultation services, to maximize prosperity, happiness, health & wealth in life, by applying feng shui principles that only a highly trained professional can provide advise on.

Top Qualities: Thorough, Experienced, Highly-Trained

Raymond, Rachel, & Bella Ben, Ferntree Gully, VIC 2015

We have just used Carolyn in our search for a new home for our family. When we were interested in properties that came onto the market Carolyn was very prompt in giving us a detailed, concise report as to the suitability of this house as our new home. Her reports were easy to follow and honest in determining if it was the right property for our family. I found Carolyn very easy to talk to and always willing and interested in spending time to explain her findings. I would highly recommend both her professionalism and knowledge to anyone seeking help in this area.

Top Qualities: Knowledgeable, Prompt, Honest

Annette, Turramurra, 2013

“We were looking at buying a property, and consulted Carolyn McCallum for a pre-purchase report. We are firm believers in the benefits of feng shui, so it was very important to us that the house is as excellent and supportive for our family as possible. Carolyn is a very knowledgable feng shui consultant whose detailed and practical recommendations helped us immensely to make this enormous investment.

I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone who would like a pre purchase consultation, locally or internationally.

Top Qualities: Practical, Knowledgeable, Approachable

Neeru, Pennant Hills, NSW, 2013

We were determined that our next family home was going to be a happy and healthy one. That’s where Carolyn came in. We consulted with Carolyn over a number of pre-purchase feng shui reports on different properties until her report for our current home came in. We knew we had found “the one” as soon as we read her report, and it was instrumental in our decision to purchase our new home. We’ve never looked back and couldn’t be happier. Carolyn pointed out early on where each of our boys would gravitate to in the house and she was spot on. Our home just has a great feel to it and all its occupants are thriving. Carolyn offered a professional service and couldn’t have been more helpful in answering our many questions as we were completely new to feng shui.

Top Qualities: Professional, Helpful, Great service

Arminda & Phil, Maroubra, NSW, 2012

Selling your Home using Feng Shui

I followed Carolyn’s advice and remedies “to the letter” and had a buyer WITHIN TWO WEEKS!! This, mind you, was for a property that had been sitting there for over a year!


Not just a buyer but a “cash buyer” who wanted a quick settlement- I was packed up and sold a month after the first inspection!

No kidding and I know that you know it too- Feng Shui freakin WORKS!!

I want to thank you so much Carolyn. If I hadn’t been referred to you I would not be now living at the beach sleeping like a baby and happy happy happy.

Top Qualities: Effective, Results, Efficient

Susan, Lawrence, 2012

Building Plans & Design

It was important to us to find a Feng Shui consultant who we could work with on the house plan.

Carolyn was personable over the phone and we were impressed with her prompt on-site visit.

Our plans were forever changing, back and forth with the architects but Carolyn was extremely patient, she was also professional and very easy to talk to.

It was refreshing to be able to talk to someone that is very knowledgeable and will listen to our concerns.

She helped us with the placement of energies in their optimal position in the house.

We would highly recommend Carolyn to our families and friends.

Top Qualities: Knowledgeable, Patient, Easy to deal with.

Wendy, Lane Cove, 2013.

Space Clearing


I thought you were wonderful and such great value for all the thought and effort you put into your consultation with me. What you gave me in the sense of peace and control was invaluable. Thank you so much. The space clearing has made a huge difference to us. My husband even commented that he thought the house was more “energised” and I can’t thank you enough for what you did.

Top Qualities: Value, Effective, Wonderful

Lucinda, Rose Bay, NSW, 2011

When I mentioned to a friend that both my teenagers had seen something unusual in our home she suggested that I needed a  Space Clearing. I found Carolyn through the Association of Feng Shui Consultants so I felt that she would be reputable.

I rang the number for Carolyn and got to speak to her straight away. She didn’t think that I was crazy and explained to me just how common these things are and that yes a space clearing was what I needed, the sooner the better. After faxing Carolyn some details about my house and its occupants Carolyn arranged to come to my home on the very next auspicious date which was only a few days later.

I felt comfortable with Carolyn straight away, my daughter and I sat and chatted for a while and she explained what we were about to do and who was going to participate in the cleansing. As my husband was away and my son was busy, it was my daughter and I that participated. I must say that I found it all fascinating, as did my daughter. Carolyn was very careful to explain what was happening each step of the way and as the three of us walked through my house we felt so calm and relaxed.

Carolyn was very professional and really took the time to listen to my daughter and I. My house now feels calm and has a positive feel about it, we all seem to be communicating better, my anxiety levels have lessened and I feel assured that whatever was in my home that was unwelcome has now been banished. I would definitely recommend Carolyn from Feng Shui Harmony.

Top Qualities: Professional, Friendly, Trustworthy

Mandi, Carlingford, NSW, 2009

Professional Organizing

I just wanted to thank you ever so much again for getting so much done in my garage today. It was appreciated very much!!!!! Your assistance has been more than appreciated as I could not have done it on my own!

Top Qualities: Helpful, Patient, Results

Eleonore, Central Coast, 2015

My 6 year old’s bedroom had gotten out of hand with a litany of small and large bits of plastic toys and boxes. It was difficult to know where to start and where to put everything so my son could actually find toys to play with . Carolyn came into my house with a cool, calm and professional demeanour. I appreciate that she sat with me first and explained the process she goes through to organise an area and also tips for keeping the room organised. There was a clear logic (and labelling) for where different items – from sporting equipment to board games, plush toys and electronic gizmos – should be kept. We also calmly went through the items he had grown out of and Carolyn whisked them away to recycling or charity bins and I gave the rest to family and neighbours. My little boy now plays a lot more with his toys and appreciates them far more.

Top Qualities: Calm, Professional, Effective

Kirsten, Erskineville, 2013

I had Carolyn come over and reorganize my linen cupboard. It was one of those cupboards which I dreaded opening as everything always fell out of it and I could never find matching towels or sheet sets. I was so happy with the result and impressed with Carolyn’s lack of personal judgement on my messy cupboard that I invited her back to declutter and reorganise my wardrobe. She was amazing – all my clothes, shoes and accessories are now in perfect order and set out in a way that I understand and continue to practice when rehanging and putting my clothes away after they have been washed.

Top Qualities: Organized, Non-Judgemental, Solution based

Victoria, Pennant Hills, NSW, 2010