Feng Shui is the ancient art of defining energy in your living and working environment to work out where the prosperous and challenging energy is located. It works in a similar way to acupuncture on the body but is applied to buildings instead. It ensures the flow of energy in the building is supported and clear of obstacles blocking its path to enable occupants to reap the benefits of a better life. It can affect what is happening in your life by up to 40%. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have information that can improve what is going on in your life in terms of wealth, health and relationships just by using this readily available tool? Once you know what type of energy is located in various areas of your building you can activate the prosperous energy using items like water features and salt lamps or using colours like red which are considered activators. Likewise, when you know where the challenging energy is located you can ensure these spaces are harmonised using colours and shapes and if you like, chinese remedies. Obviously it is great to spend time (especially sleeping) in positive energy and to avoid spending time where the challenging energy is located. Without getting a full consultation completed on your home or business, the location of different Feng Shui energy in your premises will not be known. Having said that, there is annual visiting energy that effects every building in the same area on a yearly basis. Even if you haven’t had a full consultation completed you can still activate the positive yearly energy and harmonise the challenging energy to ensure you benefit in 2016.

In 2016 the best energy relating to wealth and prosperity is in the South West and East. Having some red here is essential. A salt lamp or water feature would turbocharge the prosperous energy even more.

There is lovely energy which supports relationships visiting the West and South East and to support it, ensuring these areas of the building are kept clear of clutter and as beautiful as possible is essential. If there is mess in these areas it can actually impact negatively on your relationship and problems can occur.

A place to avoid having important discussions is the North West this year as the energy here supports arguments and disagreements. You can harmonise it effectively by using metal or round objects or white, silver or gold items in the space.

Be mindful of security in the North. Having some wood items and red accessories here will help to harmonise the energy.

The most challenging energy which can cause health issues and monetary problems is located in the North East and the best protection is using metal or round objects inside and hanging metal wind chimes outside. There is also energy that supports sickness in the centre of all buildings in 2016 so using metal or round objects or white, silver or gold items in this area will help protect you.

Happy Chinese Year of the Monkey and may 2016 bring you prosperity, happiness and health.