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For more than 5000 years, the Chinese art of Feng Shui, has been utilised to enhance the lives of its followers through the courtship of various elemental energies.

We need energy, or Chi, to enter and flow around our homes. A balance, or harmony of elements creates a happy and prosperous home, right from the start. An uncluttered entry, or front door (inside and out) allows easy entrance for energy, and is a universal principle in the art.

Carolyn McCallum is an accredited Feng Shui Master and owner of Feng Shui Harmony. She says creating good Feng Shui is just as important in an apartment as a large house.

“Every building is divided into compass directions, “says Carolyn “so the effect is the same in a one-bedroom apartment as it is in an eight-bedroom mansion.”

Of course, that is not the only point for Chi to enter. Owners of apartments with balconies have the advantage of a second entry point.

“Balconies are great – with lots of glass, lots of light and sliding open doors, they allow chi to get in,” says Carolyn.

Those fabulous windows though, need to be kept clean, she adds. “Especially those that face north-east, they must be clean in order to enhance prosperity.”.

Tidiness is also very important in Feng Shui, as mess interferes with flow lines.

“Clutter is bad,” says Carolyn, who believes good organisational skills are an important aspect of energy, especially in the bedroom.

Clearing up dropped clothes and kicked off shoes isn’t enough to enhance the positive vibes in a bedroom. You have to pay attention to under the bed as well; not even storage containers are a good idea.

Then there is the matter of too many electronics in the bedroom, which we all know can interfere with good sleep.  Ditch the TV, the laptop, and the phone for a better rest cycle. Buy a wind-up clock and recharge yourself.

“It is difficult in some apartments because your bed may share a common wall with neighbours,” says Carolyn. “But whatever the case, have a bed headboard, against a wall. These add mountains of support.”

While it may not be possible to move a door to increase the energy flow, there are solutions to problem areas. Carolyn says you can position mirrors correctly and keep indoor plants  – though avoid spiky cacti and aim for gentle varieties, such as a jade plant. You can also add water to your environment which is meant to increase luck and wealth; and include a fire to purify energy.

Feng shui has five key elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. If you’re after a simple way to help balance a room that just doesn’t feel right, try combining some pebbles, glittering metal, petals and wood with some floating candles to bring in that all important energy.