Using Feng Shui can help sell for a great price and in a quicker amount of time!

Selling your home can be quite a stressful time. With the preparation required to get your home ready to sell, the nervous wait to see if the agent’s selling guide is actually on the mark and often the worry about finding your new abode can have an impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

People usually spend thousands on marketing and preparing their home for sale. Often when you have the home ready you wonder why you didn’t spend some of that time and money prior to selling so you could enjoy your home whilst living there as the final product looks so great.

When selling your home there are two crucial factors – firstly having a great agent and secondly (and the one that is most often overlooked), USING FENG SHUI!

A huge misconception is that Feng Shui is only used by the Asian population – well – that couldn’t be further from the truth. Around 80% of my clients are not Asian and I have completed close to 1500 consultations since commencing my full time consultancy in 2009.

A lot of Feng Shui principles are common sense and you probably already incorporate these into preparing your home for sale. For instance, making your home look attractive encourages Chi (the energy that makes a place fell inviting) into your home. With good Chi flow, comes good buyers.

Flaky paint, broken windows and dirty bathrooms all indicate that the occupants may be feeling overwhelmed, tired and lacking the financial ability to improve things. Buyers notice these things and subconsciously (or consciously) will not want to part with their hard earned cash as easily. This can greatly lower the amounts buyers are willing to offer and can really affect the sale price.

There are a lot of other things that you can do to prepare your home using Feng Shui principles. For a small investment of $288 I can provide you with a few pages of easily implemented recommendations that will help your home sell quickly and for the maximum price. The information in this report includes;

  • Best dates to sign contracts (with the agent or buyer)
  • Best dates to hold an Auction or put your home on the market.
  • Optimum place to put the For Sale sign.
  • Using the Annual unseen energy to work for you rather than against you.
  • Where you should use red and avoid red in your home depending on the energy distribution of your home.
  • Optimum place for contracts to be put in your home.
  • How you can make your home seem bigger.
  • Ensuring the home is energetically clear of your energy so it is more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Where to place a small item that will assist get the price you want in the shortest amount of time using a traditional Feng Shui formula.
  • Tips on what areas need to be absolutely spotless and if possible, trees pruned to allow positive Chi into your home.
  • Best combination of numbers to use in your advertising campaign and your reserve price if going to Auction.
  • Multiple ways to activate your wealth and success energy.
  • Many other tips that will assist the sale.

For such a small investment that will reap huge rewards, using Feng Shui really is an easy way to assist the sale of your home so you walk away with a smile, ready to start your new life elsewhere with no regrets about selling your home. Phone me on 0426 999 989 to order your Selling Real Estate report.

In terms of the agent – my business partner, Liz Wiggins, who is also a Feng Shui consultant has her own agency and can sell your home if you are based in Sydney. She also incorporates Feng Shui into the way she markets and prepares the home for sale. I have sold my house with her as my agent and couldn’t have been happier. A number of my clients have also engaged her for her knowledge, integrity and ability to make what is usually a stressful process quite a smooth one instead. You can call her on 0411 434 696 for my details or check out her website here;