Well then take a breath and press pause!  Whether you are just about to start designing your home, have plans finalised and/or getting approved by Council or even midway through the build, there is still time to ensure your dream home is as supportive as possible.

Any home, regardless of what stage of building it is in can be improved by getting a Feng Shui consultation completed. Obviously the earlier you commence incorporating Feng Shui principles in the process the better. Having said that don’t be too disheartened if you are midway or even completed your home as there are many things that can be done to improve the energy you live in.

Feng Shui relates to the hidden energy within your home. Understanding the different types of energy present in various rooms of your house will enable you to ensure your home is as supportive as possible. A feng shui consultation  whether in the initial stages of design, getting feedback on existing plans or having an onsite or remote consultation on an existing home, will ensure the positive energy in your home is working for you and the challenging energy is harmonised so it does not effect you as much. Ultimately the goal of feng shui is to ensure your home is a supportive environment for you to nurture your relationships, support your health and build your wealth.

If you are thinking of buying land then choosing a plot that is the optimum shape, size and gradient is vitally important. Some land shapes are better than others and ideally it is beneficial to build a home on land that rises from the front to the back rather than falls. A lot of factors need to be considered in terms of selecting land including the occupants date of birth, flow of roads, external forms like mountains and water around the property to name just a few. By getting my assistance I can ensure you select the most suitable land for you to build your dream home on.

If you are thinking about building your home and already have your land then getting assistance with the development of plans is beneficial as you can ensure the home is feng shui friendly from the very start. Once the land is selected I will be able to determine the facing direction of the prospective home and also using the date of birth of occupants, I will be able to assist you design a home that will be very supportive for years to come. The information and rough sketches I provide you will be provided to the builder or architect as a basis for the final plans. I will get a good understanding from you as to what rooms you want included in the home and other key practical considerations that are needed for you to enjoy living in your home.

If you already have your plans finalised there are still tweaks that can be made where necessary. By providing me with your plans I can assess where the occupants personal energy is located. Ideally we don’t want our personal energy over staircases, bathrooms and particularly fire forms like stoves and fireplaces. If I discover your personal energy is over the stove, often it is not too late to relocate the stove – sometimes only by 30cm is required – to ensure the health of the occupant is not compromised.

Additionally, there are often two types of energy in bedrooms. Ensuring best placement of the bed to support the occupant by having them in the optimum energy should always be a key consideration. This sometimes means repositioning the robes in bedrooms. This is something that is usually quite easy to do even midway through the build. Choosing the most suitable bedroom for each occupant is also provided in the comprehensive report. The date of birth of each occupant determines the most favourable energy for them to sleep in as well as what direction their head should be pointing when asleep to maximise the health and relationships of the occupant. This in turn provides specific information on where the bed needs to be located which can also influence the electrical plans for the home,

Other information contained in my assessment provides you with specific information for your landscaping plans. Best placement of water features, including pools and gardens, are key to optimising wealth. Placing a water feature in an area where there is conflict, sickness or even worse, financial obstacle energy can create havoc for the occupants for years to come. Likewise, having well placed water features, flowing in an optimum direction and in a certain area can greatly improve the wealth and overall prosperity of the occupants.

If you have completed your build or live in an existing home there is still a lot you can do to ensure the Feng Shui is as supportive as possible. This can include getting either a remote (offsite) or onsite (if you live in Sydney) visit. All that is needed is a floorplan, the year when the home was first occupied and the date of birth of the occupants to do the analysis. You will receive a comprehensive 30+ page report outlining the energy distribution within your home. Recommendations for best colours and elements to use in each room along with furniture and water feature placement will be provided. Favourable directions of all occupants as well as other key aspects will also be included.

For more information on any of these services please phone Carolyn on 0426 999 989 or email me on; [email protected]