Chinese Astrology

Also known as Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny, this method looks at what time, day, month and year you were born and assembles a chart which can indicate what your favourable colours and elements are and provide a skilled consultant with clues as to what will happen in various areas of your life including marriage, children, relationships, prosperity and health.

Feng Shui

Different ways you might see Feng Shui spelt include:

  • Foong Shway
  • Fung Shway
  • Foong Shui
  • Foong Shoey
  • Fweng Shway

The correct pronunciation is foong shway or foong shoy but the correct spelling is always Feng Shui.


This examines the environmental and energetic factors that are unseen on a property and include ley lines, geomagnetic fields, water courses, and other factors that can impact on the energy in a building.


The tool Feng Shui Consultants use to measure the facing direction of the building.