1. The Chi (energy) needs to find you – ensure your entrance is clear of clutter, looks beautiful and is obvious. If you have 2 entrances, only use one. If you don’t have a letterbox, get one.
  2. Once the Chi has found you it needs to be able to circulate. Open windows and doors regularly to get rid of stale air. Each week choose a room of your home to focus on, draw by draw, cupboard by cupboard and divide into 3 categories: KEEP – THROW OUT – DONATE. Anything you keep needs to be placed with other similar items and given a designated place to call home. If you are a Virgo feel free to label!
  3. If you work from home or operate a business a clear desk = a clear mind. Remember the saying – A place for everything and everything in its place – stick to it.
  4. A clean, well maintained stove helps assist prosperity. Ensure you use all of the hotplates too.
  5. Leaking taps indicates leaking finance – call the plumber ASAP.
  6. Keeping your windows clean helps more opportunities flow your way. Clean inside and out for best results. Wash your curtains and do a thorough vacuum of sills whilst you are at it.
  7. Open the windows and trim the trees in the North East of your home. This is where the positive Cosmic Chi is coming from. Place a bucket of water in the South West of your yard and replace it weekly. This will help improve your capacity to save.
  8. Be careful when using water features (including fish tanks) and the colour red. These two things are used widely in Feng Shui to activate prosperity however you need to know where the prosperous energy is. If you don’t then you could be inadvertently activating negative energy linked to financial problems, sickness, conflict and robbery.
  9. After you have done Steps 1-8, burn some white sage, open all your windows and walk through your home fanning the smoke into all areas banishing what you don’t want (eg. Conflict, debt, sickness) from your life. Follow this process with invoking what you want into your life. Do this by closing all the windows, walk around the house with a natural oil spray mist and say out loud what you want to invoke into your life (eg, health, prosperity, happiness). There is an excellent Space Clearing Kit available with all you need and full instructions at; www.everythingfengshui.com.au
  10. Remember to build up your Karma bank. Donate regularly to charity, give blood, volunteer your time, treat others how you want to be treated and give your smile freely.