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Chinese Astrology


I have studied Chinese Astrology over three years  at the Australian Academy of Feng Shui. I have studied the eight courses  which examine various aspects of Chinese Astrology including health, relationships, financial, luck, clashes, combinations, symbolic stars and favourable and unfavourable elements. I also completed an intensive shorter course with Jerry King from White Dragon [...]

Selection of Auspicious Numbers


Using auspicious and prosperous numbers in your life is very beneficial. I can advise what your phone number indicates as well as any impact other numbers that you may use are having on your success (or otherwise). Investment: $55 (+ GST) Please note that all prices and service inclusions are subject to change without notice.

Romance Formula


Are you sick of being alone? Do you want to find a partner who will enhance your future? Using this romance formula will increase the chances of finding your soul mate. It is easy to do and involves placement of a certain item in a certain section of your home on a certain date and [...]