General Date Selection

There are many times in life where you will be better planning a specific event on a particular day that you know will be supportive energetically.  By choosing an auspicious day, you are likely to have a smooth and successful time.

I can provide you with best dates for the following events that ideally should happen on a day that is supportive. All I require is the month you are looking at engaging in one of these activities and your birthdate.

Events include;

  • Marriage
  • Engagement
  • Moving House
  • Signing a major contract (including buying a house)
  • Undergoing surgery
  • Starting renovations
  • Digging the first dirt on  land you are planning to build on
  • Business or home opening ceremony
  • Travel
  • Burial

Investment – $55 per date (+ GST)

Birth Date Selection

The most important date of all is one’s birth date. Most of the time, this cannot be planned. If however, you are planning on having an elective caesarean AND you have an obstetrician who is flexible with delivery times then you can choose a date that will be optimal for the child in terms of their future destiny. This takes many hours work to find a date and time that is suitable and within a safe delivery time period.

Investment – $550 (+ GST)

Please note that all prices and service inclusions are subject to change without notice.