I have studied Chinese Astrology over three years  at the Australian Academy of Feng Shui. I have studied the eight courses  which examine various aspects of Chinese Astrology including health, relationships, financial, luck, clashes, combinations, symbolic stars and favourable and unfavourable elements. I also completed an intensive shorter course with Jerry King from White Dragon Enterprises which focussed on the flow of a chart and various combinations and clashes present in a chart. Additional study has been with Master Vin Leo (Zi Ping Ba Zi Practitioner Program) and some study with Joey Yap as well.

My most in depth study has been from 2018 – 2021 where I completed all 6 modules of Chinese Astrology with Dr Jin Peh. This has given me remarkable insight into how to read a Chinese Astrology chart, what special qualities and combinations exist within your chart and other important aspects which provide me with the ability to provide you with recommendations on how to support your health, career, finances and support your relationships as well. I have also assisted Dr Jin Peh with editing six of his books on the subject which further increased my learning and understanding of the subject.

Chinese Astrology is also known as Four Pillars of Destiny and BaZi astrology. It is crucial to have some knowledge of Chinese Astrology to assist when analysing the Feng Shui of a home and business as the favourable and unfavourable elements of the occupants need to be taken into account when determining recommendations required. When I undertake a Basic or Comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation I always assess the Chinese Astrology of the occupants of the home or business.

Four pillars of Destiny is so called as there are 4 pillars, each with two components. The Four pillars are determined based on the time, day, month and year you were born. The upper components are known as the heavenly stem and the lower components are known as the Earthly branch. That means there are 8 components in your four pillars each impacting on certain areas. There are also additional pillars which need to be taken into account when analysing your chart. These include your House of Conception, Your House of Life, your Luck Pillar and the Pillar of the current year. As you can see, this is quite a complicated picture and one that needs an expert to decipher accordingly.

Most people are only aware of the earthly branch of the year they were born. For example, people know if they are born in the Year of the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog or Pig. You also have one of these animals present in the time, day and month you were born. Likewise you have four Heavenly stems that sit on top of the Earthly branches which are located in the time, day, month and year pillar that you were born.

Many people don’t know what time they were born. If that is the case then an analysis can still be completed on the day, month and year you were born but you will only get 75% of the information available in your chart. This is still quite useful.

An emailed report is available world wide.

Specific areas of interest that are not in the standard report, for example, auspicious dates for a marriage, can be included for an additional fee ($55 + gst). The fee will depend on the information that you require.

All reports are not generated by astrology software. All charts are personally analysed by me and each report is written specifically for the individual client.

The report will be delivered by PDF and will take approximately 5-7 days after payment and details are received.

Details required are:

  • 1. Date of Birth
  • 2. Time of Birth (if possible but not essential)
  • 3. Place of Birth (if possible but not essential)

Once your Four Pillars chart has been assembled the fun part begins. Once you know what the future is likely to bring, you can navigate accordingly and ride the ups and downs in a more harmonious way.

There are four types of reports I can prepare for you:

1. Chinese Astrology Summary report – Investment $108 (+ GST)

You will receive a 3-5 page report outlining the following aspects of your Destiny;

  • Aspects of your personality
  • Favourable and unfavourable colours, shapes and materials
  • Ways to support your health
  • What careers are most favourable for you

2. Chinese Astrology Comprehensive Report – Investment $360 (+ GST)

I can provide you with a report that outlines the following things just from looking at your chart and not knowing you at all – such is the power of Four Pillars of Destiny. Your Chinese Astrology report allows you to gain insights into yourself, your relationships, health, career, financial potential and current themes in your life. The consultation includes information on the following areas specifically;

  • Favourable and unfavourable colours, shapes and materials
  • Your relationship with your parents, grandparents, spouse, siblings, children and friend
  • Areas where your health may be susceptible
  • Whether you are in favourable, neutral or challenging luck in ten year periods of your life
  • What careers suit you
  • Aspects of your personality
  • Your financial prospects
  • Do you prefer focussing on travel, study or relationships to name a few things.
  • Specific questions can also be addressed like when am I likely to meet my partner, have children, attain money, move overseas etc.
  • You will receive a 10-15 page report outlining your Destiny.

3. Compatibility Report – Investment – $188 (+ GST)

I will analyse your chart and another persons chart and look at various aspects looking specifically at compatibility between the two of you.

  • You will receive a 5-8 page report.

4. Yearly Update

Click here to see our Chinese Astrology Yearly Update service.

Please note that all prices and service inclusions are subject to change without notice.