I’ve recently commenced studying the 22 Major Cards of the Tarot to further assist my clients in the journey that is life. I will be adding to this Blog over the next 22 days to provide you with an insight into the meaning of each of these special and most powerful cards.

Card number 0 – The Fool – represents opportunity, new beginnings, innocence, optimism for the future and call to adventure

Card number 1 – The Magician – represents having the tools required to be successful in your endeavours, manifesting consciousness

Card number 2 – The High Priestess – spiritual and psychic development, trust your intuition. Go within to plant seeds for the next stage in your life

Card number 3 – The Empress – Birth of project or child. Signal of relationship. Need to nurture and manifest our potential.

Card Number 4 – The Emperor – older, stronger, wiser person. Be an authentic authority of your own life in the world. Take charge, be masterful.

Card number 5 – The Hierophant – Card of initiation, deepening spirituality, retreat. Meditate. Heal your wounds, build a bridge.

Card number 6 – The Lovers – Feminine card, linked to Gemini. Forgiveness and reconcilitation. Being open and vulnerable. Positive relationship signal.

Card number 7 – The Chariot – travel, moving forward, overcome your insecurities and challenges. About endings and beginnings, courage.

Card number 8 – Strength – Powerful feminine card. Do in life what you want to do. You can hold it together in difficult circumstances.

Card number 9 – The Hermit – time alone, solitude, inner wisdom, retreat. Find the light in the darkness to prepare for major shift.

Card number 10 – Wheel of Fortune – Change of circumstances, moving forward, turning point, change in season.

Card number 11 – Justice – Take responsibility for your actions. Accept your fate. make appropriate decisions and adjustments. Balance.

Card number 12 – The Hanged Man – Deception, let go and surrender. make a sacrifice, relinquish control. Life in limbo – suspended.

Card number 13 – Death – yes it can mean literal death but usually refers to the end of a circumstance you have been dealing with.

Card number 14 – Temperance – a healing card. Internal integration, rebalance to receive harmony. Re-assess after stress, transform.

Card number 15 – The Devil – A challenge or an obstacle. Need to negotiate and conquer our inner demons to move forward. Fear, unknown.

Card number 16 – The Tower – Breaking down of old structures to make way for new opportunities. Forcing change and innovation. Freedom.

Card number 17 – The Star – Light after darkness, talents that have been hidden can now be expressed. Reward after hard work. Hope is released.

Card number 18 – The Moon – about emotional security and nurturing. Things may be unclear. A card of ending or waiting for clarity.

Card number 19 – The Sun – be optimistic, have clarity. Relates to a new cycle or phase. Healing, creativity, vitality and health.

Card number 20 – Judgement – completion, resurrection, a new beginning, freedom. Be accountable for your actions. Can indicate recovery from illness.

Card number 21 – The World – resolution and completion, reaching a point of wholeness, maturation, integration. The end of a journey.