When planning to build a prospective home there are many things you can do to ensure the home will be as supportive as possible using Feng Shui. Check out my blog on Building Your Dream Home here.

Whether you have no plans, want different prospective plans compared or have existing plans approved or not approved by Council there are always things you can do to improve the Feng Shui.

It is a lot more cost effective building a home that is supportive in terms of Feng Shui rather than trying to fix aspects once the home is already built.

There are two reports I can provide. A summary report or a comprehensive report.

Summary Building Design Report

The Summary Building Design Report is an overview of your plans which I provide you with feedback on. As a guide, single storey homes take between 6 – 8 hours and two storey homes take between 8 – 10 hours.


$138/hour + gst if you already have plans.

$158/hour + gst if you would like me to provide you a sketch with optimum layout for your architect or builder to base their plans on.

Please note that all prices and service inclusions are subject to change without notice.

Comprehensive Building Design Report

The Comprehensive Building Design Report I can complete is a lot more detailed and looks at the following aspects;

  • Land selection and facing direction of home within a specific degree
  • Form school – addresses surrounding landform issues
  • Compass school – looks at placement of front door
  • Flying Star School – advice on energy in each room of the home and how to optimise it using colour and element usage
  • Yin Yang School – specific placement of stove, oven, fireplaces, BBQs, fire pits, bathrooms, laundries etc will be assessed to ensure they are supportive rather than hindering wealth and health of occupants
  • Optimum date to start digging
  • Landscaping – water feature placement

Contact me for more details. I require address, plans (if you have them) and date of birth of all occupants to finalise analysis.


$1488 for single storey homes (+ GST)

$1988 for two storey homes (+ GST)

Please note that all prices and service inclusions are subject to change without notice.