Healthy Home Audit

This audit looks at the health hazards that may exist in a home. These could be from allergens like dust and dust mites, mould, volatile organic compounds, chemicals, air and water contaminants and electromagnetic and electric fields. By focussing on ways to reduce your exposire to these contaminants I can assist you create a home that supports your physical and mental wellbeing. If major issues are present then I will recommend a Building Biologist to assist with solutions if required.

When conducting a Comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation I will also be addressing any obvious health hazards present in your home. These will be contained in the detailed report that is provided in the  Full Feng Shui Consultation.

Investment – complimentary as part of the Full Feng Shui Consultation

EMF Readings and chemical usage

I also offer a service where I come to your home and check for electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and examine the type of cleaning and personal care products you use. This is a stand alone service and only offered within the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Investment – $330 (+ GST)

Please note that all prices and service inclusions are subject to change without notice.