Pre-Purchase Report for Residential or Business

It often amazes me that people quite happily pay a few hundred dollars for a Pest and Building inspection and around $100 for a car inspection prior to purchasing but forget one of the most important aspects when purchasing a home for hundreds of thousands of dollars – Feng Shui.

If you don’t know whether the energy at the front door and in the bedrooms particularly, is positive or negative, then you are walking into purchasing or renting a property that will be your home or business for many years to come with your eyes completely shut. Let me help give you advice about this energy so you know what to expect when living or working from the building.

For as little as $168 (+ GST) for a 1 storey home or $218 (+ GST) for 2 storey homes (ring me for a quote for businesses – range btwn $168 – $550 + GST depending on size) I can conduct an audit of the prospective property. You will get a 2 – 3 page report outlining various aspects of the Feng Shui of the building using formulas from the following schools of Feng Shui:

  • Form school of the building
  • Compass school of the building
  • Flying Star school of the building
  • Yin Yang school of the building
  • Quan Kong Da Gua of the building

At the end of the analysis you will receive a rank out of 10 with ranks of 7 and above indicating that the building will support the occupants health, wealth and relationships and is therefore recommended to purchase or rent.

No onsite visit is necessary, only a floorplan and the approximate age of building and occupants birthdates are required. The report will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of the payment being finalised. These reports jump to the top of my queue as often making an offer to rent or buy needs to be done quickly.


We were determined that our next family home was going to be a happy and healthy one. That’s where Carolyn came in. We consulted with Carolyn over a number of pre-purchase feng shui reports on different properties until her report for our current home came in. We knew we had found “the one” as soon as we read her report, and it was instrumental in our decision to purchase our new home. We’ve never looked back and couldn’t be happier. Carolyn pointed out early on where each of our boys would gravitate to in the house and she was spot on. Our home just has a great feel to it and all its occupants are thriving. Carolyn offered a professional service and couldn’t have been more helpful in answering our many questions as we were completely new to feng shui.

Top Qualities: Professional, Helpful, Great service

Arminda & Phil, Maroubra, NSW, 2012


$168 + GST (single storey)

$218 + GST (2+storey)

$168 – $550 + GST (businesses depending on size of building)

Please note that all prices and service inclusions are subject to change without notice.