Flying Star Information For Year of Snake

This year the Annual Visiting energy is very strong as the visiting stars are back to their original position so they have double the strength. A lot of people stress about the 5 Flying Star but remember the 5 relates to transformation. When we transform – we grow which is actually a good thing. This year the 5 is in the centre so the opportunity for growth is within all of us this year in particular. This year is an ideal time to let go of what you don’t need and as Julia Gillard would say – move forward. Ensure the centre of your home is open, having a kitchen – especially your stove, staircase or cupboard here can be problematic as the energy needs to flow freely – it is where the Tai Chi is located (where the energy from Heaven and Earth meet). It is a great place for a dining room table as this is where people tend to congregate around. For those intent on hanging on to the past and resisting the changes in the air, it is likely that major problems will occur that force them to change. It is smarter to flow with the change than fight against it. It is also important to have a pagoda, salt water cure or the sound of metal in the centre of your home in 2013 to help harmonise the energy.

There is challenging energy in the West this year – so buildings that face West will be more difficult to sell in 2013. To harmonise energy in the West – use a black or navy mat.

The North West is also problematic and it is important you don’t disturb the area by digging or renovating. This is also the case with the South East and the South West. If you can’t avoid this then please be sure to contact me to get an auspicious date to start renovations or digging and other advice to help minimise the harm. Email [email protected] Cost for this type of advice is only $49.

The sickness energy is visiting the SW in 2013 and a calabash, salt water cure and/or the sound of metal is required to help harmonise this.

Conflict energy is visiting the East and a red mat or some red/pink/purple in the East of your home or business is highly recommended to minimise the instances of conflict. If you have a pool in the East then this will actually activate more conflict this year.

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