Welcome to the Year of the Wood Horse! In reference to the Chinese calendar the Chinese New Year begins on 4th February 2014 until 3rd February 2015.

What Does This Mean for You?

In the South East regions of the world, in 2012 I predicted lots of rain, floods and earthquakes, in 2013 I predicted fires. I also predicted lots of rail disasters in 2013. Unfortunately I was correct. I was able to examine the specific energy of the year to identify what types of things would be stirred up. So what is 2014 likely to bring? Well this year the South is more prominent and the focus will be on relationships.

The Chinese Solar year commences shortly after 6am on Tuesday 4 February. It is the peak of yang (strong male) energy. The current Chinese cycle goes for a 60 year period and the year 2014 marks the peak of the yang male energy that has been present for the last 30 years. Likewise it indicates that the feminine energy will become stronger over the next 30 years. This will bring more creativity and expression to the world as a whole. The stem of the year belongs to Yang Wood and the branch of the year is the horse whose energy relates to fire. There are also 3 hidden stems within the branch of the horse which are yang fire, yin fire and yin earth. This gives us strong wood supported by the strongest form of fire. This energy will be the predominant energy for the entire year. The strongest impulse of the horse is to be free.

The Wu (Horse) is Fire element. It is related to the fire system in our body including, eyes and heart. So ailments relating to this area might come up this year. It is also strong fire so more issues around fire are likely especially in the Southern parts of countries around the world.

We can also expect the following;

  • Can be strain on relationships, on a personal level many people will find the strength and courage to make changes to increase their freedom. As the central flying star this year relates to romance and relationships, relationships are definitely in the spotlight in 2014. The positive aspects of the 4 flying star relate to creativity, romance and academic achievement however the negative attributes relate to laziness, sex scandal, affairs and broken relationships. Secret relationships and extramarital affairs have a higher chance of being found out in 2014 and will often provide the impetus for a long standing relationship /marriage to end. For those not happy in their current relationship this could be the year when they decide they have had enough (the horse will bolt so to speak).
  • Making definite choices in the Year of the Horse is encouraged as you are working in line with the freedom loving horse.
  • If you work hard in the Year of the Horse you can make money. Laziness on the other hand will not be rewarded.

You may not be aware, but there are 4 animals that make up your Chinese Astrology. When we analyse your chart we need to look at how each of these animals relate to the animal of the year (in 2014 – the horse) and look at the position of each animal in your chart.

If you have any of the following animals (Horse, Rat, Rabbit, Ox) in your 4 Pillars you would benefit from donating to charity on 30 January to buy karma points which act as a form of protection. Additionally, you it is best to wear a Goat Pendant for the whole of 2014 as it will help to harmonise any challenges you may experience, as you may find 2014 more challenging than previous years.

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