Don’t go barking mad in 2018 – understanding what to expect and preparing yourself for it is key to a smooth year.

This article will give you some insights into the coming year. If you would like more specific information then I also offer personalised annual or comprehensive Chinese Astrology Updates and Feng Shui Annual Updates as well.

Chinese Astrology Annual Updates

Most of you know that you are born in a particular Year – Rat, Rooster, Monkey etc. What you may not realise is that you actually have 4 animals in your Chinese Astrology Chart – one for the time, day, month and year you were born. How all of these animals (which represent different types of elements) interact with each other and the energy of the upcoming Year of the Dog, will indicate what you can expect in terms of your health, wealth and relationships. Some months are better than others for you as well. Knowing this really helps you plan important events.

Having an Annual Chinese Astrology update done (only $55 inc GST) is a way of getting a heads up on what to expect. If you want a more comprehensive analysis  on your life in general, the current 10 year luck pillar you are in and your Chinese astrology for 2018 specifically, then I can provide you with a Comprehensive Chinese Astrology update for only $218 (inc GST).

Feng Shui Annual Updates

Every year there is prosperous and challenging energy visiting every building. Getting an Annual update is important to ensure this good energy is working for you and the challenging energy is harmonised so its effect is minimised. These cost $168 (inc GST) for single storey homes or $198 (inc GST) for double storey homes if you are an existing client. The Annual Visiting energy can affect the normal Feng Shui by up to 40% depending on where different sectors in your premises are located.

If you haven’t had me assess your original floorplan then I can do this for you as long as I have a copy of your floorplan, occupants date of births and the approximate year the home was built. You will get a comprehensive report outlining the energy in each room and what you need to do to ensure it is working for you rather than against you. Also included is a detailed assessment of what to do to look after the Annual Visiting energy in 2018 as well. Cost is $490 for a remote consultation for any building worldwide.

The Year of the Dog – 2018 What Does This Mean for You?

2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog! The Chinese calendar is based on the movement of the sun (solar) and the 4 seasons NOT the moon (lunar) as many incorrectly think. Therefore the start of the Year of the Dog is not when the Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year on 16th February, 2018. The year actually begins on 4th February 2018 and goes until 3rd February 2019.

The year 2018 is symbolised by 2 characters. The top one is called the Heavenly stem and is the energy from the heavens and the bottom one is the earthly branch which is the energy of the earth. This is then converted into elements – Yang Earth sitting on the Dog (Earth) so therefore it is the same element earth sitting on earth. This combination is actually a commanding pillar so indicates keeping control and a level of seriousness.

There is no clash or destructive relationship unlike last year so 2018 should be somewhat smoother. It is likely to be a more harmonious year as there are no signs of conflict or fighting with the elements. It can also mean a year of little movement. It is likely to be a year of staying still and consolidating. Earth elements reflect more spiritual aspects. There is more chance of differences being put aside and people will come together to achieve common goals. Positive values like compassion, peace, being flexible and donating to charity will be inherent within the year.

As the element of Earth will dominate, topics like global warming and earth related issues will be brought to the front of everyone’s agenda in life. There will be more evidence relating to the way we farm using pesticides and chemicals and the detrimental effects these are having on our health.

More earth related natural disasters are likely especially on Dragon days (these occur every 12 days) and the Dragon month (5th April – 4th May). Difficult weather conditions may be experienced where the earth is trying to move back into harmony. It is very likely there will be more landslides, earthquakes, mountaineering accidents, tunnel collapses and mining accidents etc. As mentioned, there is no conflict between the 2 elements of the year in 2018 so this will enable the earth to heal itself to a degree. Successes relating to global warming or green issues in general have a greater likelihood of success.

In terms of our health, the earth element is linked to our hands, uterus, stomach, pancreas, spleen, muscles, cells and digestion. Health issues associated with these body parts are also more likely in 2018 so be mindful of this. Weight gain is a lot easier in a double Earth year like 2018 so diet products will be flying off the shelf as a result. There will be a lot of campaigns directed at losing weight. Unfortunately diabetes and cancer is also linked to the earth element so it is likely there will be an increase in these major health issues as well. Any easy test you can do to screen for common cancers is advisable in 2018. For instance, it is a good year to get your health checked for things like skin cancer, breast cancer (get a professional to check any lumps), prostrate cancer and cervical cancer (pap smear). Information about cancer awareness will be on the rise too. Watch out for any issues to do with digestion, craving sweet things, fatigue, bloating, allergies to food, food poisoning and eating disorders.

The earth element relates to meditation, harmony and relaxation. If you aren’t doing any kind of relaxation or meditation then it is time to equip yourself with new skills. This will be a good year to find better work/life balance. It is a year to feel more grounded, centred and at peace. Compassion and nurturing will be needed.

As this year is about consolidation it is good to ask yourself “What is important to me? What do I want in life? How do I go about getting it?” It is a good time to learn from past issues and decide what path you will take going forward.

The conflict energy is visiting the North East in 2018 so probable escalations of tensions in the North East are likely.

Industries most likely to be strong in 2018 relate to the wood element (as earth has a money relationship with wood). Anything to do with forestry, crops, furniture, wood products, paper, publications should go well.

If you are born in the Year of the Dragon or have a Dragon anywhere in your chart (including the current luck pillar), you are clashing against the energy of the year. Those who are born in the Year of the Ox or Goat or have these animals in their chart are in Penalty with the Year of the Dog. To have a full understanding of what it means depends on where the Dragon, Ox or Goat is in your chart. You may wish to get an annual chinese astrology summary which provides this information. For instance if the Dragon appears in your Spouse area of your chart, your relationship is likely to be negatively affected.

Those with a Dragon, Ox or Goat in their chart are more at risk of having an accident, misfortune, turbulence, movement (travel more likely) and change (house/job). It is good to move house, change jobs or travel to honour the clash instead of fighting it. If travelling, Dragon, Ox or Goat people should avoid travelling towards the North West if possible. Avoid dangerous activities like skiing, mountaineering, underground caving etc. As there is more chance of falling Earth, be careful on construction sites and in landslide areas. You should also carry a pendant of a Rabbit all year as the Rabbit is the best friend of the Dog and will protect you.

If you are born in the Year of the Rabbit or have a Rabbit anywhere in your chart, 2018 is looking great for you. To have a full understanding of what it means depends on where the Rabbit is in your chart. You may wish to get an annual chinese astrology summary which provides this information.

If you are born in the Year of the Dragon, Goat or Ox or have a Dragon, Ox or Goat anywhere in your 4 pillars chart, then you should carry or wear a pendant of a Rabbit for protection.


If you would like a more detailed and precise yearly overview and month by month summary for 2018 (2 –3 pgs) based on your Chinese Astrology 4 pillars chart then these are available for $55 (inc GST). If you would like a comprehensive (15 – 20pgs) Chinese Astrology Report which provides an overview of your life generally in terms of career, relationships, finances and health with specific reference to the current 10 year period you are in which includes the Annual summary for 2018 then these are available for $218 (inc GST). Send me an email to order yours now.

Prior to the beginning of a New Year it is always a good idea to sage your home (you can buy this from Everything Feng Shui for $15). Alternatively, if you live in Sydney, you may want to book in a full Space Clearing Ceremony with me. These cost $538 for single storey homes and $588 for 2 storey homes. Send me an email to order yours now.