I am writing this blog in two minds. Should I jump on the band wagon and release an overview of the Year of the Goat (or Sheep as some know it) and what it will bring to your Chinese Astrology sign in 2015 or shouldn’t I?

My dilemma stems from the knowledge that I have built up over the last ten years of study which is any summary for any particular year will be so generic it is ALMOST useless. That is because every person not only has one of the 12 Chinese animals representing their year of birth but also a Chinese animal representing their month, day and hour of birth too. That means you have FOUR animals to consider. This is why Chinese Astrology is also called Four Pillars of Destiny. Furthermore, not only does each pillar have a branch representing an animal, it also has a stem representing an element. These elements make up the foundation of both Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology and are part of the 5 Element Theory. By element I mean water, wood, fire, earth and metal.  The stems are then further classified as being Yin or Yang in nature.

This menagerie of animals impacts what is going on in your life on a far greater level in terms of the different combinations, clashes and penalties they have with each other than just looking at the animal representing your Year of birth.

To further complicate this, each animal belongs to a specific element. Every person has elements that are either favourable or unfavourable to them and each element also relates to a specific attribute depending on one’s date of birth. By attribute I mean resource, self, expression, money and power.

Additionally, the placement of each animal in your chart also represents a certain person in your life. Your children, your partner, your parent and your grandparent.

Without having a full Chinese Astrology reading completed you will not be able to really determine how any year will be affecting you.

If you thought all of the above was complicated enough then you should know that an additional layer of analysis is also required.

A person’s life is divided into 10 year luck periods or pillars which indicate what the main focus of each ten year period is likely to be. These ten year cycles can be favourable or unfavourable as well.

In 2015, the elements in play are (Yin) wood and (Yin) earth. Do you know if these elements are favourable or unfavourable to you? If they are favourable then there is a higher chance of the year being a good one, the reverse occurs if they are unfavourable. If wood is favourable but earth is unfavourable then this indicates that the first half of the year will likely be better than the second half of the year.

The Goat/Sheep has a great relationship with the Horse (experts call these a Combine relationship) so theoretically if you were born in the Year of the Horse and Fire (the element represented by the Horse) is favourable then 2015 will be great for you. However, do you have another Horse in your Four pillars or in your current ten year luck pillar? If so this indicates there is a penalty in your chart. Depending on where the horse is located (spouse, parent, self, child or luck pillar) will give a strong indication on who will be affected by that penalty.

I could go on and on discussing the intricacies of Chinese Astrology however that is not the intention of this blog. The intention is to try and make you see that there are many variables that need to be assessed in terms of your whole Four Pillars chart and how it interacts with the energy of the Year we are in. If you know these things then it helps in terms of not getting too hung up on predictions for the year (be they good or bad).

One general rule of thumb though – and this applies each and every year is that if the Year we are in – so 2015 being the Year of the Goat – if you were born in the same year, that is you were also born in the Year of the Goat which includes those born in 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991 and 2003, generally speaking the energy that year is not very supportive for you. This contradicts what the majority of the population think as most people feel if they were born in the Year of the Goat and 2015 is the Year of the Goat then 2015 will be their year. This is definitely not the case. In fact it is highly recommended that those born in the Year of the Goat, Dog and Ox should wear a pendant of a Horse (I sell these for $15) which will help protect them all year. This is a GENERAL rule. If you have absorbed what I have been saying there are many layers to this complex subject which only a professional can help you with.

If you are interested in getting a full Chinese Astrology reading, I can do these for you for AUS$199. This report is over 15 pages long and provides an overview of your life in terms of career, relationships, finances and health with specific reference to the current 10 year period you in as well as a summary of how the Year of the Goat will affect you

So here it is – what you have all been waiting for, my Overview of what the year 2015 is likely to bring you based on the animal year you were born in.

Please note that if you were born prior to the 4th (or in some cases 5th) February, you actually have the previous year’s animal as your animal. For example if you were born between 1st January and 4th February 2015 you are not born in the Year pf the Goat and actually belong to the previous year – the Horse. If you are unsure what year you were born, please send me an email and I will happily check this for you. Email me at; [email protected]

The Wei (Goat) is Earth element. It represents a loyal and dedicated attitude. The goat itself is very independent, diligent and persistent. It is related to the earth system in our body including, digestion, pancreas, stomach and spleen. So ailments relating to this area might come up this year. There is a higher chance of cancer, diabetes and obesity overall in 2015 as well.

The Yi (Wood) represents a sense of responsibility and duty. It is related to the neck, spinal cord, back and liver. So more injuries relating to these areas are likely in 2015.

In 2015, the Yi wood sits on top of the Wei earth. In terms of 5-element theory, wood conquers earth so 2015 indicates there will be international conflicts and clashes as well as general disharmony. Thankfully, as the nature of Yin Wood is flexibility, there is a stronger likelihood that conflicts will be resolved with compromise and concessions. It is likely treaties will be signed for both peace and trade in 2015. The last 2 Gulf wars in the deserts of the Middle East started in 1991 and 2003, both Years of the Goat. This does not bode well for 2015 especially with the Terrorist group ISIS starting to be taken seriously by the World. There is a strong possibility of yet another dessert war as a result in 2015.

The more dangerous months in 2015 are July and October and also January 2016 which is still part of the Year of the Goat.


  • General good luck, career, academic achievement and wealth
  • Increase social life and romance
  • Lots of opportunities at work
  • Relationships likely to be better than last year
  • Health is generally good however watch for small injuries
  • Likely to receive help from others

Advice – Know your limits. Do not go after unrealistic goals.


  • A clash and penalty year indicating  obstacles and difficulties
  • Likely to spend more which will decrease financial gains, savings
  • Pay extra attention to your health, may need minor procedure
  • Can experience problems with your relationships
  • Focus on self-improvement
  • Can have problems at work in particular
  • Should carry pendant of a Horse for protection

Advice – Proceed step-by-step. Do not act hastily.


  • Lots of happy events and celebrations
  • Likely to receive help from others
  • Good luck for careers, wealth and romance
  • Be mindful of health (stomach and skin) and overspending
  • Pay extra attention to your health
  • Do more good deeds to improve your luck

Advice – Stay humble and keep a low profile to enjoy good fortune.


  • A good year for luck, wealth and study
  • Recognition at work likely
  • Increased cash flow and income
  • More conflict
  • Possibility of career change

Advice – Control your emotions so that conniving characters do not have the chance to strike.


  • Beware of scandals
  • Good luck for wealth, career and study
  • Do more good deeds to improve your luck
  • Good year to get married or start a family
  • Can experience problems with your relationships
  • Likely to receive help from others

Advice – Doing more good deeds can further enhance your good fortune


  • Sadness is likely this year
  • Likely travel and changes
  • Not a good year to expand business but good for career generally
  • Take extra precautions against lawsuits and disputes

Advice – Long-term investments are recommended this year


  • Combine with the Year of Goat
  • Easy to make achievements
  • Good for finances
  • Be careful with health, flu susceptibility
  • Good for career and academic pursuits
  • Good year to get married or start a family
  • Relationships in harmony

Advice – Do not put on a brave front. Rest if you are unwell.


  • Offending the Year
  • Could have unexpected work difficulties
  • Should carry pendant of a Horse for protection
  • Good for study and education
  • Pay extra attention to your health
  • Can experience problems with your relationships
  • Focus on self improvement
  • Likelihood of conflicts and obstacles so be more flexible
  • Difficult to save
  • Do more good deeds to improve your luck

Advice – Staying enthusiastic can improve your luck.


  • Good year for new projects and opportunities
  • Career and academic achievement supported
  • Be mindful of health and do not overwork
  • Good year to get married or start a family

Advice – Strive for your dreams


  • Be careful of risky ventures
  • Higher chance of injury, sadness and loss of money
  • Good for study
  • Energy low
  • Take extra precautions against lawsuits and disputes

Advice – Keep harmony in mind.


  • In penalty with year
  • Should carry pendant of a Horse for protection
  • Finances not easy but stable
  • Stability in career
  • Be mindful of health and driving
  • Increased conflicts and quarrels

Advice – Stay down to earth and work hard.


  • Good year for promotion
  • Good for study
  • Be careful of injuries
  • Generally  harmonious year
  • Income stable
  • Take extra precautions against lawsuits and disputes

Advice – Know your limits and do your part well.

NB: Along with my own general analysis I sourced some of these general points from Grand Master Lo & Georgia Kiafi’s Chinese Almanac for 2015 and Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong and Master Goh Guan Leong’s 2015 Chinese Almanac.