Clients and Study make for a busy Feng Shui Consultant

Well I’m back from 10 days seeing clients and holidaying with my family on the Gold Coast and have certainly hit the ground running this week with two business consultations and two residential consultations booked in for the week.That is 3 basic reports and 1 comprehensive report to write and 4 physical site visits – 2 in Crows Nest, 1 in Westleigh and 1 in Harris Park.

This weekend I am flying to Melbourne to see another client and also to attend a Two Day workshops about Fire Formulas and the importance of Stove Placement in the home. I am really looking forward to being able to add this extra knowledge to my reportoire as a specialist Feng Shui consultant. I’ve decided as a bonus to all my loyal clients who have booked (or book before the end of the year) a residential consultation with me, that I will be including a summary of recommendations specific to their home relating to stove placement as extra information within the Annual Flying Star report for 2012.

I’ve also completed my stocktake for 2011 and unpacked my years supply of stock including Feng Shui remedies and MiEssence products and placed an order for some more Environmentally Friendly Cleaning products and products for a healthy home. My clients love these products so I always try to hold at least a few of everything available for them.

Due to the amount of study and travel I have been doing to ensure I provide my clients with the most expert Feng Shui recommendations I have put up some of my prices which will stay current until the end of the 2011/12 financial year.

Don’t forget I offer 10% cash back of the cost of the service booked to anyone who recommends me to a client who books one of my services.

Here’s to a prosperous, healthy and happy new Financial Year.