Cleaning Without Harming the Environment or Your Family can be Achieved.

Would you like to have squeaky clean dishes and floors that shine without exposing your family to nasty chemicals that are dangerous to their health. Well you can. There are two options, make it yourself or purchase products that have the Green tick of approval. The great thing about using environmental and people friendly cleaning products is that the kids can help too.

If you are like me and are too busy balancing work and family life and you just can’t find the time or be bothered to make your own, I sell an excellent line of products that have been developed by a naturopath who I trust wholeheartedly. The range covers general surface sprays, to floor and window cleaners to microfiber cloths to dishwashing liquids and powders and laundry powders to mention a few of the items contained in the range. Many items can be purchased in bulk as well.

Some do it yourself options include:

General kitchen and house cleaner

Using a spray bottle with vinegar diluted in water handy. A 5% dilution will kill over 90% of household germs. Don’t worry about the smell – it wears off in less than a minute. Also you will notice a decrease in the ants as they don’t like walking in vinegar.


Instead of filling with dishwashing powder, try using bicarbonate of soda instead. Put white vinegar in the rinse aid and get ready to have clean sparkling dishes at hardly any cost at all.


A few options include; ¼ cup lemon juice or white vinegar in your bucket or use vegetable-based, liquid castile soap or “green” dish soap can be used with water for mopping floors or other general cleaning.

Furniture polish

Try a bit of lemon juice on low grade olive oil or corn oil (or any vegetable oil) and polish away.


Add a tablespoon of borax or baking soda to your wash. Add a dash of eucalyptus or tea-tree oil for super freshness. If you simply must use bleach then use hydrogen peroxide just like nanna used to. This is safe on most colours but make sure you mix in water before adding your washing. Always dry in the sun not your dryer – it helps the environment and also has bleaching and anti-bacterial effects.

If you must continue using the chemical alternative then please remember to always use rubber gloves, open the windows to get rid of fumes and keep these products out of the reach of children.