January & February 2012 Schedule

OMG – we are officially at the end of February (luckily I had an extra day this year!) and I am just writing my first blog for 2012. I am always busy in January, preparing annual reports for my growing client base however this January and February I conducted more space clearings and feng shui consultations than I have ever done in a two month period.  January was made busier as I had a week down the South Coast with my husband and children which is always relaxing followed by a week in Bali with my husband. So January was definitely balanced for me with 2 weeks of holidays and relaxing and 2 weeks of solid work and 12 hour days to get everything completed – hence the late blog post. People must be feeling the change in energy of the Water Dragon.  I have helped a few clients choose a better home to live in (renting and buying) with the focus on improving their health and relationships. One of my clients I did a lot of work for in January was someone who I had completed 3 pre-purchase inspections for. It was quite frustrating for these clients as they had found two potential houses to buy but I recommended that they not proceed as the Feng Shui of the homes did not support them. Thankfully they trusted me and as a result they found their dream home in December and moved into it at the end of January. I completed a comprehensive consultation on the home, a space clearing to ensure the energy of the previous occupants was removed and I also completed a geomancy audit on the home to remedy any geopathic stress present. I must admit, I love working long term with clients, whether it is just providing them with an annual update each year or providing them with other services. I feel it is more holistic approach to Feng Shui and really value the continuing relationship I build with all of my clients. What I love most of all is they keep coming back for more which indicates that I am providing them with solutions which actually work for them and they can see brings results. Yes I do sometimes recommend using traditional Chinese remedies however I prefer to work with the materials and colours and furniture placement in the first instance if possible as most Western clients don’t have an affinity to Chinese remedies. The more consultations I do, the more I see the power of Feng Shui and the accuracy of Chinese Astrology. I particularly love seeing new clients and without knowing anything about them (except their birth date) be able to provide them with a summary of how there life has been to date using Chinese Astrology principles. This always blows them away and builds trust from our initial meeting which lasts into the future. In February I have worked on a few businesses (Delicatessan, Office complex and Chiropractic Clinic) and homes (from Matraville, West Pennant Hills  to Central Coast) and have completed 12 Chinese Astrology charts this month alone. I have also recently completed an excellent course with Howard Choy which was specifically on Feng Shui and Businesses which focussed on the flow of Qi (energy). I got a lot of valuable information from this course and particularly appreciated Howard’s generosity with his information. I am really looking forward to completing more business consultations this year to better assist businesses achieve prosperity abundance and wellbeing. I have just got off the phone with another client I have been helping look for a home to buy. I’ve completed 2 pre-purchase inspections for her and she just rang to tell me the bid they put in prior to auction has been accepted – she was soooo happy and I am soooo happy for them too. This week I have 6 chinese astrology charts to finalise, a pre-purchase report, real estate selling report, residential consultation and a business consultation (a Cafe restaurant) to complete so I will be very busy indeed. I have just ordered a whole lot of stock from my various suppliers so am looking forward to a busy and productive year ahead. It’s March tomorrow – UNBELIEVABLE!