Happy Financial Year!

Well today is the first working day of the New Financial Year. I am gearing up for a prosperous year. My water features are in place, in good working order and assisting increase my prosperity. I have had a very busy few months with the focus being on learning, learning and more learning. Because the art of Feng Shui started over 3000 years ago, many formulas have been developed over that time. Each additional course I do enables me to put into practice more complex formulas that can further assist my clients with their wealth, health and relationships.

In April I commenced a course on Tarot Reading focussed on the Major arcana. We covered 11 cards in detail over 2 days. The information was comprehensive and whet my appetite for more so I enrolled in a workshop in May with the amazing Michelle DeAngelis who covered all the cards in the deck and shared her knowledge and experiences in a really succinct way. Tarot is nothing to do with Feng Shui however it is another tool that I use to assist me in seeing any issues my clients might be having.

In May I also attended the International Feng Shui Association’s conference in Melbourne and was lucky enough to win the first registered prize, the lucky door prize and 4 raffle items (I bought $18 worth of tickets and came away with hundreds of dollars worth of prizes). I am very lucky at raffles and it amazes me that everyone is always surprised at how much I win. I look at it in terms of proving that the Feng Shui of my own home is excellent which in turn increases my prosperity. As a Feng Shui Consultant I am walking proof that Feng Shui works!

After the Conference I attended the wonderful Stephen Skinner’s post conference workshop for 2 days where we studied a few more formulas using the Chinese Compass – Lopan. I thoroughly enjoyed it and now have a few additional strings to add to my bow of Feng Shui. Whilst in Melbourne I attended Master Khor’s Astro Palmistry seminar one evening which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had heard him speak at the IFSA conference and had also booked in a private consultation previously where he told me I had a very strong intuitive line, a success line and a VIP line so I was ecstatic about that!

I have studied Chinese Astrology over a few years but wanted to get a fuller understanding so enrolled in a Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) course with Master Vin from Malaysia being held in Sydney in June. It was just fantastic. The clarity I received from the 3 full days with him was so worthwhile. I also benefited from a 2 hour personal reading from Master Vin and came away with such a wealth of information on my future and that of my husband’s and children’s that I feel I am truly blessed. It is so good to be aware of what to expect in the years ahead so you can prepare for both the good and the bad. That is the power of Chinese Astrology readings. I do these for $149 each and past clients have always been impressed with the volume and accuracy of the information contained in the reports which are around 15 – 20 pages long. He generously conducted a free Feng Shui Tour of Chinatown, Darling Harbour and Star City Casino for us on the 4th Day. I have a friend who paid $4000 to spend a day with a Feng Shui Master walking around analysing these same areas so we were all truly appreciative of Master Vin’s generosity.

Next weekend I am helping Melynda Munroe coordinate a Fire Formula Workshop in Sydney with Master Liu. I was lucky enough to have learnt these formulas with Melynda in 2011 and the information I learnt has changed the way I do my consultations and provided phenomenal results. I cannot speak more highly of Melynda as a teacher.

Over the past few months I have had many clients from both inside and outside NSW. I’ve helped three clients in Brisbane and the Gold Coast with selling their homes and purchasing new ones based on the principles of Feng Shui. It is so beneficial to start off in a home with great Feng Shui and for only $99 for a Pre-Purchase inspection I am surprised that more people don’t do it. My most interesting client was the winner of a Lottery last year. She won a 2 storey Penthouse apartment. She moved into it and just couldn’t settle there. After a few months she decided to move back to her little 2 bedroom apartment she had been living in for many years where she was happy. She asked me to do two reports – one on the new unit (so I could help her sell it) and one on her existing unit. Sure enough the new unit did not have very good Feng Shui at all and I was really pleased she was selling it. Her existing unit had the stove in the most optimum position related to $$$$$. I am sure this stove helped her win the lottery. Needless to say I advised her NOT to move the stove in her planned renovations.

Many consultant’s start out doing Feng Shui as a hobby whilst working at another job either full or part time. I have done this as well and it is quite difficult to truly have the focus you need to grow as a Feng Shui consultant as there are so many other distractions in your life and once you become busy it is very hard to live a well balanced life yourself so you end up not practising what you preach. Being a full time Feng Shui consultant enables me to continue my learning without being distracted by other employment. I am very grateful that my business is so successful that it can sustain me as a full-time Feng Shui consultant. It sure is a wonderful thing to be able to spend your time focussed on Feng Shui and helping clients in so many ways. I am lucky that this line of work enables me to have a full family life as well, helping out at my children’s Primary and High School on the canteen, attending debating sessions, swimming and guitar lessons and watching AFL on the weekend. Working from my home office ensures that I can make wholesome meals and snacks for my family and keep on top of the household chores like washing and ironing too.

Happy Financial Year to all my clients and friends and remember to;

Live well, laugh often and love lots!