I have had an exciting three months with some learning, some rest and relaxation, some partying and of course helping lots of clients with their Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. Two big events happened in August – I turned 40 and I went into partnership with my good friend Elizabeth Wiggins. We are now co-owners of Everything Feng Shui a one stop shop for anyone who needs any Feng Shui remedy, Feng Shui consultation or service. Additionally we have a large range of environmentally friendly cleaning and health products as well as items that will help clear your house energetically which is particularly useful when you are selling or moving into a new building. We had a huge launch party (see photo below) on 25 August which was an opening day for those who know about date selection techniques. I’ve spent a lot of time sorting through stock, updating the website with new products and reorganising the warehouse. You can check out the new look website at: www.everythingfengshui.com.au

New Partners In Everything Feng Shui

Liz is a top selling real estate agent with McGrath’s Epping and uses her Feng Shui knowledge to sell houses for more than the market price. Included in her service is a free Feng Shui report which will help sell your property quicker and for more $$ than other agents are likely to get. I highly recommend anyone looking at engaging a real estate agent to contact Liz at McGrath on: 0411 434 696 or [email protected]

I have also been able to manage a few breaks over the last few months which have enabled me to take stock, rebalance my family and work priorities and be at peace with myself and my surroundings. My husband whisked me away to the Whitsundays for 6 glorious nights and sun-soaked days lying on a beach reading (yes some Feng Shui textbooks did slip into my luggage). I also took the kids to Hawks Nest on the North Coast of NSW for 4 nights at a resort where we played board games, ate icecream and went on a really fun Toboggan ride and played mini golf. My husband is involved in the NRL and we always try and get away for a night or two just to focus on our relationship following the busy football season in October. We had an amazing 1 night getaway at a place I can highly recommend in Wollongong. The rooms are done up by theme and we stayed in the Santa Fe suite which was styled with a Mexican theme – the place was just magnificent and we felt totally recharged after only 1 night there. Check out www.pleasantheights.com.au

I am currently halfway through a two part course studying Xuan Kong Da Gua with Master Bennis in Qld which is about ensuring the facing direction of your front door is readily receiving the Chi to activate the flying stars in your home beneficially. As part of this activation water needs to be placed in a certain location to really increase the prosperous Chi entering your home or business. In conjunction with date selection techniques and looking at the individuals in the building you can get amazing results so stay tuned for the release of a new consultation which will be available soon. As with all the formulas I learn, I like to test them on some of my trusted clients before unleashing them to all and sundry. I have already had some amazing results with one of my testers reporting her ex husband rang her and offered to pay her $50 more each week to help with the costs of their children the day after she put the water feature in place. Another tester has reported a 100% increase in sales on her online shop within 1 week of the water feature being put in place.

This month up until 7th November is full of challenges with a high risk of earthquakes and tsunamis, especially in the South East regions around the world. For a complete run down on how to best protect yourself visit the Monthly Update on the Everything Feng Shui Blog and whilst there check out our online store and range of products.

Next month I’ll be sending letters to all my clients reminding them of the importance of getting Annual Feng Shui updates completed on their properties. For $129 these reports which are around 6 – 8 pages long will help ensure your home is supporting the positive visiting energy in 2013 as well as harmonising the visiting negative energy in 2013.

For those clients who have had Chinese Astrology charts completed they are able to get an annual update specifically on how 2013 will impact on them for $49.

Over the last month I have had an influx on requests for two types of reports. The first is a report providing you with tips on how to sell your home easily (within 6 weeks of putting on the market) which is customised specifically for your home. This report includes where to put the sign, the route the agent should take potential buyers through the home, where water features should be placed to optimise the sale price as well as a whole range of other recommendations which hep sell your home faster. One of my clients who paid for a $149 real estate report sent an email to one of my clients who referred her to me saying:

I followed Carolyn’s advice and remedies “to the letter” and had a buyer WITHIN TWO WEEKS!! This, mind you, was for a property that had been sitting there for over a year!


Not just a buyer but a “cash buyer” who wanted a quick settlement- I was packed up and sold a month after the first inspection!

No kidding and I know that you know it too- Feng Shui freakin WORKS!!

I want to thank you for your referral to Carolyn McCallum from Feng Shui Harmony and I would not be now living at the beach sleeping like a baby and happy happy happy.

The other type of report I’m doing a lot of at the moment is a Pre-purchase inspection for those that are looking at buying a home. For $99 for single storey and $149 for 2 storey homes this report will provide you with a score card out of 10 based on the Feng Shui of the property. Houses are recommended for purchase if they score 7 or over. I look at form, compass and flying star school formulas which provides me with an excellent idea on what type of energy is located in different areas of the home with the main focus on the energy at the front door and in the bedrooms. I also look at the facing direction of the front door to see whether it is timely or not as well as the stove and other fire placed through the home to see if it is supporting the home or not. The report is around 3 – 4 pages long and I believe a small price to pay to ensure the home you are looking at buying is going to support you energetically.

At the moment I am busy writing a 1600 word article due Monday for a magazine about Feng Shui and relationships. This is one of my favourite topics as I believe if you have great health and positive relationships then you are in a better place to make money and increase your prosperity. Those people who are focussed just on making money often find their relationship and health suffer as a result. My next blog will provide you with a link to this article.

Stay safe in October particularly, go with the flow, minimise travel plans and look after yourself and your family by incorporating as much balance as you can in your lives – and don’t work too hard!