Most people think the lives of Feng Shui Consultant’s must be a breeze as their houses are perfectly Feng Shui’d! As previously explained, there are three lucks – Human, Heaven and Earth – that make up your life and impact on what happens in that life. Human Luck relates to your karma and how you treat others, Earth Luck relates to Feng Shui and how you manipulate your environment to improve your prosperity, abundance and wellbeing and Heaven Luck relates to your Chinese Astrology. This blogpost is about how my Chinese Astrology effected me in the month of the Dragon (April), in the Year of the Dragon (2012). Based on my Chinese Astrology chart (Four Pillars of Destiny) Dragons penalise me and I noticed this especially in the month of April. Knowing that this was coming though allowed me to prepare for it as much as possible – hence the importance of knowing your Chinese Astrology and what it means which is why I always recommend to my clients they get a Chinese Astrology Chart completed. At a cost of $149 for a 15 – 20 page report, I think this is extremely good value and even better the information in it is relevant for your lifetime!

The first think I did to prepare for the upcoming month was to ensure all my Feng Shui was in place so I knew that I had 1/3 of my life variables covered. Obviously being a Feng Shui consultant I live in a home with great Feng Shui and every month I tweak it further in line with the monthly energy visiting. I also conducted a Space Clearing ceremony. This is where I banish things I didn’t want (conflict, debt) and invoke the things I do want (harmonious relationships and prosperity). It is important prior to doing a Space Clearing that you get rid of as much clutter as possible. Luckily this coincided with a Council clean up so I cleared out my garage – which also happened to be in the South East where the Grand duke is visiting this year – and a lot of other cupboards so my home felt more energized than usual prior to the Space Clearing. In hindsight, I should have banished sickness and invoked good health as well.

The next thing I did was purchase a rooster to wear at all times. I have these pendants available for $14.99 of all the 12 animal signs. The rooster and the dragon have a loving relationship so by wearing the rooster charm the dragon uses its energy in a loving way to combine with the rooster rather than a negative way in clashing with my dragon. Whilst the penalty isn’t removed, it is lessened which based on all the challenges I had in April I was thankful for.

The third thing I did was try to enhance my human luck – karma. I donated each week to charity through the month, sometimes providing the gift of sight to a person in need through the Fred Hollows foundations, other times through my membership with B1G1 where I helped provide training for a woman in India which will enable her to earn an income and therefore provide for her family. I also ensured I donated blood as this really helps to reduce any penalties.

So, as mentioned, I had many challenges in April namely; less appointments, seeing my dog nearly get hit by a car in front of my eyes – luckily she was OK (I thank the rooster for this), my same dog needing surgery after getting in a fight with my other dog who ripped its ear open (only $300 – I thank the rooster for that too), a flat tyre on my car (only $35 plug needed which I thank the Rooster for), a flat tyre on my husband’s car (new tyre – $250), a major fallout with a close friend, side swiping my 18 month old car and damaging 3 panels (I could still drive it and no one hurt so I thank the rooster for that) and having a major chest infection which meant I could not go to the gym for 3 weeks at the same time as Easter – and all the associated chocolate landed in my lap (thanks to my kids for the 1kg Easter Egg which I have finished) hence some weight gain. My son lost his I-phone and my Blackberry died losing over 100 contact details. Despite all these challenges I was able to find the positive and learnt many lessons in this time as well.

The forced rest and less appointments allowed me to sort out 18 months worth of income and expenditure and enter it into MYOB to enable me to do my tax (and get $3000 tax refund cheque – woo hoo!). Being on top of my MYOB and being vigilant in completing this on a monthly basis will enable me to put in this year’s tax in July and get another $3000 refund. I was also able to take the time to work out how to generate MYOB generated invoices and receipts instead of the usual Word documents I had to create each time for every client which took way too long. I had time to light candles and listen to soothing music, put my feet up and just chill and catch up on all my favourite shows. I rearranged a few rooms in the house and cleared out some old cupboards to give my Feng Shui remedies a permanent home. I also got quite a few of my scrapbooks up to date when I took a weekend away to scrapbook with my girlfriends. I had time to catch up with friends and check in on them to make sure they were OK. I now have an updated phone (still trying to work out how to reinstall Facebook, Twitter and 2 email accounts on it but hey what else is the weekend for.

Most profound though this month was the emotional effect that I felt when a local 38 year old mother was hit and killed by a bus at Beecroft whist carrying her 11 month old baby. Her 11 year old daughter was on the bus. I didn’t know this lady but the effect her death had on me was great. When I heard it on the news whilst driving home at 4pm I immediately hoped it wasn’t my best friend Penny (who is 38 and has an 11 year old daughter) who I knew was likely to be in Beecroft at that time picking her kids up from school. When the report ended with “and her 11 month old baby is OK” I knew it wasn’t Penny and felt very relieved but still felt so terrible that two children had lost their mother so tragically. I drove past the scene and saw the bus and was in tears the rest of the way home (unusual for me as I rarely cry). All night I felt quite down and my thoughts were with the local family who must now try and readjust their life without this family member in it. I wondered if I knew her as I took my children to Beecroft Playgroup 11 years ago when she might have been taking her 11 year old daughter there as well. The next day I went to my normal fortnightly nail appointment at Beecroft and passed the floral tribute on the footpath near where she was killed – so heartbreaking. Everyone at the beautician was talking about it and Beecroft had such a sad feeling about it that day. I visited my best friend Penny that day as I had discovered that she was there at the time of the accident and was one of the people providing assistance at the scene as she has a nursing background. I could only imagine how she must be feeling as I was so deeply affected by this event and I wasn’t involved at all. Obviously she has been affected by this and I wanted to do all I could to help her – Flowers and sushi and an ear were all I could think of. We had a chat about the events and other things that were happening in our lives and I know she appreciated having the company that day. This experience has reminded me of how valuable every second of life is. I always tell my children and husband how much I love them and will continue to do this. Knowing that life can end so quickly is a scary thought so my aim is to ensure that the really important things are done every day and the not so important things can wait. I am really enjoying smelling the roses more too!