The Rollercoaster Ride of Life

Life is full of ups and downs. I believe your true strength is measured when you are experiencing your downs. Often I get calls from people when they are going through a challenging time in their life. They are often quite desperate, feel stuck or disillusioned with what they are experiencing – whether this is at home or work, in terms of their wealth, health or relationships.

Feng Shui can really help provide that impetus for moving all aspects of your life into a more positive momentum. Whilst it will not change 100% of your life overnight you will feel the difference this ancient art can make within a few weeks of implementing the recommendations contained in the comprehensive 20+ page reports you receive as part of my consultations.

Clients often think that my life is perfect – far from it! I have struggles like everyone else. Luckily I know the Feng Shui of my home is supporting me so I find it easier to overcome the downs a little quicker and easier than others – having a wonderfully supportive husband, fantastic kids and an amazing network of friends also helps!

I have a number of sayings on cards surrounding my computer screen. These include;

  •  My life has purpose
  • I control my thoughts – they originate with me
  • There are no limits
  • I overcome weakness by leaving it behind
  • There’s an invisible yet knowable life force within me

and my favourite card

  •  All things are possible for me

When things are going well I rarely look at them but when I am facing challenges in life then I find they really help me – as does exercising regularly, eating healthily and having some “me” time. Walking and playing with my dogs I find particularly beneficial. Engaging in my hobby of scrapbooking allows me some creativity whilst also preserving precious family and holiday memories which I know I will enjoy for years to come. I have recently started Qi Gong which is like Tai Chi, meditation and breathing exercises rolled into one. I find it very centring and I highly recommend it as a weekly class to attend and spending as little as 5 minutes a day doing. It really does strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

We all know there are people in worse situations than us – just turn on the nightly news and you will be reminded of this if in doubt. Acknowledging the opportunities of personal growth in down times is imperative. Believing that the ups are just around the corner also helps us to get there just a little faster too.