I am currently preparing to get swamped with Annual Update requests from clients for 2014 Year of the Horse. I will have over 100 to do and 3 months to do them so literally 1 a day on top of my normal workload which has been crazy busy for the last 4 months in particular. To top it off I am busily completing a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment to enable me to teach Feng Shui next year. It is quite challenging being a business owner. You have to keep on top of invoicing, ordering stock and following up clients all at the same time as juggling a busy family life and trying to keep your home a serene, supportive and stable environment for your family.

Making time to catch up with friends has always been important for me and a real delight. I think it is when I relax the most. The problem with working from home is you never really stop working – there is always something to do – a website (or two) to update, a report to write, a Feng Shui textbook to re-read etc, etc. I have a planned 4 day getaway coming up soon which I am really looking forward to – reading a novel, leisurely flicking through a magazine, watching DVDs, eating out lots, walking along the beach every day (sometimes twice). I always plan these breaks every 3-4 months to really give me some time out to recharge and focus on what is important – my family. We go to a place where email and phone reception is very bad which is another thing I enjoy having a break from.

The last 4 months have been my busiest ever since commencing my business in 2009. It has also been the time when I have received some truly lovely testimonials from satisfied clients. You can read them here. I love helping people improve their lives and being a Full time Feng Shui consultant allows me to do this.

In the first half of 2013 I completed nearly 100 consultations – these have ranged from business and residential Feng Shui consults, to annual updates, to providing advice for renovations or building designs, to choosing land, chinese astrology reports, logo design information, prepurchase reports, geomancy and space clearing. What is even more crazy is that since July this year, I have already completed another 100 consultations and we have 2 more months to go. In terms of Chinese Astrology, 2013 is a good year for me in terms of business. The wonderful thing for me is that 2014 is promising to be even better! If you want to know what 2014 will bring for you then you may wish to get an Annual Chinese Astrology Update completed.

I am currently preparing a series of articles for various publications on Feng Shui which will be uploaded onto my website in the near future. I am also being interviewed for a Podcast next week which I am really excited about as well.