Today is a Public Holiday in NSW – celebrating the Queen’s birthday. I have nothing against the Queen personally but I do not believe she should be head of our Country. Yes I am a Republican and when the time comes to tick a box that says “Yes I want Australia to be a Republic” then I will be one of the first in line. I also think the British flag in the top left hand corner should be replaced with the Aboriginal flag in reference to the original landowners of this great country we should be honoured to call home. While I am at it, I also agree that everyone, regardless of sex should have the right to get married. Love is love regardless of gender! Lots of people advise that it is not politically correct to announce your beliefs as part of your business blog but hey – I am my own person with my own beliefs and I am not afraid to stand up and be judged for holding those beliefs. Now that I’ve said what I wanted to say I will let you know what I have been up to for the last 3 months since my March blog.

Most recently, my kids have had a big weekend with my son playing AFL and my daughter having 2 girlfriends over for a sleep over. Incidentally – why do they call them sleep overs when very little sleep results? She went to sleep at 4am! Both are currently counting the zzzzeds at 11:30 in the morning so I thought I would take this rare opportunity to put pen to paper and compelte a blog – finally! I will be waking them up soon, ply them with food (left over Pizza from sleepover for my daughter and Omelette for my son) and then I’ve booked us in to see the new Star Trek movie this afternoon. I’ve also got the electrician coming over to fix my outdoor spa which provides me with so much bliss I have been struggling not having it operating for the last 3 months! I’ve also booked my car in for a service this week – can’t believe it is 3 years old – seems like yesterday when I bought it new and got my Feng Shui signage put on the rear window and wheel cover. This morning I’ve also written the monthly blog for my joint business and online shop  I’ve booked to have dinner with a girlfriend tonight and spoken to another girlfriend about her life in general. I have also been able to update 10 client files which can now go off my desk and return to the filing cabinet. I create a physical file for all my clients outlining what services they have booked, their birthdates and chinese astrology information and general notes about how the Feng Shui is working for them. The file contains a copy of their floorplans and any reports I have completed for them and answers to questions I have given them. I find this very helpful when they ring me up and ask questions or need further clarification.

The last 3 months have been crazy busy – which I love! As usual I always try and get some well earned breaks. I have had a few trips visiting clients in Melbourne, Canberra and Cairns and my hubby was able to join me for my Cairns trip and we had such a wonderful time. We snorkelled in the Great Barrier Reef, went on a Crocodile spotting River cruise and walking in the Daintree Rainforest. We went as far North as Cape Tribulation. I had two residential consultations to compelte whilst there – one in Trinity Beach and the other in Redlynch which is an outer suburb of Cairns. Today I am also packing for my geopthic stress audit which I am flying to Brisbane tomorrow to conduct. In the Easter school holidays I took the kids with me whilst visiting 2 clients in Canberra and we had a great time paddling on the Lake, visiting Questacon and walking around the beautiful city.

In May I went to Melbourne to attend the International Feng Shui Association’s annual conference. I was very pleased I attended as the sessions were thought provoking and helped to give me food for thought on various Feng Shui related topics. My favourite session was  conducted by Robynne Nelson an Indigineous woman who spoke about how we can better incorporate the Indigenous perspective into our Feng Shui consultations. Simply paying respect to the traditional land owners and asking permission of the Aboriginal spirits prior to entering a building to conduct a consultation is quite helpful as part of the process. Following the conference I attended a full day’s training on Date Selection run by Edgar Lok Tin. He taught us some wonderful formulas which I have already used with some of my clients. He taught us how to help the romantic propsects of our single clients and I have already had positive feedback from 2 of my clients who have followed my sugestions reporting that they have found love within a week of doing what I suggest – very powerful indeed!

I have also completed 2 weekends studying with Katina Benis all about the fascinating world of Remote Viewing – this has opened up a whole new world for me and I am relishing practising this amazing technique.

I have been lucky enough to be asked by the Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES) to teach the Foundational Feng Shui course in Sydney and Melbourne for them. When I completed their Certificate 4 course many years ago we had to write a business plan. One of the things I put in my future goals section of the business plans was to teach for the College. I am so chuffed that this is now happening. It is a timely reminder of the importance of setting goals. In preparation for this role I have enrolled in a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment which is an online course which I should have completed by the end of the year ready to teach for ACES early next year.

I have visited so many clients in the last 3 months – it has been my busiest quarter ever hence the lack of blogging! Besides the clients I’ve visited in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Cairns,  I have visited clients in Maroubra, Matraville, Bondi, Mascot, Paddington, Bondi Junction, Dover Heights, North Sydney, MLC Building in the CBD, Winston Hills, Wahroonga, Warrawee, West Pennant Hills, Dundas, Yagoona, Merrylands, Prestons, Mona Vale, Homebush Bay and Breakfast Point to name a few!  I’ve also done remote consultations for clients in the USA, London (a beautiful unit overlooking the Thames river) and Essendon in Melbourne.

I have also helped a lot of people buy and sell their homes using Feng Shui. People are starting to see the benefits of ensuring the Feng Shui of a home supports their health and wealth BEFORE purchasing as well as using Feng Shui to get the best price possible when selling. At only $99 – $149 for these services depending on the size of the home this service is definitely one of my most popular.

Wishing you prosperity, abundance and wellbeing until next time – Carolyn