Here is the long overdue summary for the year and how it will effect those of you born in particular years or those of you with these animals in your Four Pillars Chinese Astrology charts. I will release this information 3 animals at a time over the next four days. If you would like me to provide you with your complete chart I can for a small cost of $8. If you would like a comprehensive analysis of your chart, these cost $149.


Try and avoid trouble. You are more likely to be involved in accidents and obtain injuries so be careful. Likely to spend big this year and have a large financial loss. People are likely to gossip and criticise you. May feel loneliness.  Lucky objects – rooster, monkey and/or rat. You can purchase these from me for $14.99


Good for reputation and business. Also a romantic year ahead. You could suffer financial loss via robbery and have problems with lawsuits. You may feel lonely. Lucky objects ox and rooster. Horse on your desk will assist with career luck. Females may have legal problems. You can purchase these from me starting at $14.99.


Lots of travel and romance this year. You could feel lonely. Be wise with work and relationships. Relationships can be complicated. Good year to start new ventures. Lucky object is a goat for good luck. You can purchase these from me for $14.99.


Luck is up and down. Think twice before committing or saying anything. Ground yourself, be conservative. Will have helpful people in your life this year, including mentors. Romance looks likely. Look after your health, could feel lonely and some trouble ahead. Lucky object is a horse, rabbit or pig. You can purchase these from me for $14.99.


Good year for business and finance but not for relationships and health. Stay calm and be wise. Could have more nightmares this year. Don’t deceive  authorities as you are likely to be caught out (tax etc). Lucky objects are dragon and a rat. A dragon turtle in the South East will also assist your luck. You can purchase these from me for $14.99.


This will be the best year for you so make the most of it. Last year was very challenging but that is all behind you now, particlarly those born in  1957. You will get help to succeed and with promotions. You will also have a lucky escape from danger but still be careful. You may have small money loss so be careful with spending. Lucky objects are dragon, snake and ox for good luck. You can purchase these from me for $14.99.


A very challenging year this year, especially in April and October. Stong criticisms coming your way, high likelihood of unexpected changes, injuries and car accidents as well as large financial loss. Put a symbol of dragon tortoise in South East to help improve your luck and carry symbols of horse and tiger. You can purchase these from me for $14.99.


Good year for promotion, success, luck and high achievement. Prosperity reigns as does positive romance and social life. Be careful with health and don’t engage in gossip. Lucky symbols of rabbit and goat works well. You can purchase these from me for $14.99.


Lay low, stay away from conflict. Lawsuits possible. Chance of promotion, generally an up and down year. Good year for recognition, finances improve. Avoid attending funerals. Lucky symbols are monkey and dragon. You can purchase these from me for $14.99.


A great year for love, business and investment. Lots of success and prosperity energy surrounds you. High chance of love, romance and even marriage. Do not engage in gossip though. Lucky symbols include a snake and rooster. You can purchase these from me for $14.99.


An up and down year. Be wary of accidents and mishaps that cause injury. Avoid funerals and gambling as large financial loss is likely. Travel is good. Try and be stable and balanced. Lucky objects to carry include horse and dog. You can purchase these from me for $14.99.


This is quite a stable year. Try and remain peaceful and look after your health especially around your feet, joints and skin. You could lack energy and motivation this year. Carry symbols of pig and goat for protection. You can purchase these from me for $14.99.