Remember that you have 4 animals within your four pillars although most people only know the one that relates to the year they were born. If you are interested in getting a complete analysis then contact me and I will email you one – cost is A$148.

With this in mind the below information only relates to a quarter of your chart (the year you were born) so is an indication but should be used with caution and really just as a bit of fun information that is only minimally (1/4) relevant to you.


  • Increased chance to make $$
  • Increase in scandals and marriages
  • Rabbits and roosters will have major difficulties
  • March is Metal rabbit month so what happens in this month is an indicator for everyone about what the energy will be like all year.


  • 72 and 96 good
  • will experience good and bad in 2011
  • Lucky stars are mentors, trouble solving, success, lucky, prosperity, romance, rltshp
  • Unlucky stars are loneliness, fell lonely, difficult rltshps w rabbits, gossip and trouble
  • Lucky object carry dragon and monkey
  • Need to manage rltshp well to have good career


  • Don’t hesitate, good opportunities around
  • Controlled by Grand Duke
  • Obey law and boss
  • Keep head down, no easy money just work hard
  • Lucky star is travel
  • Unlucky star is injuries, accidents, loneliness, funeral, health issue
  • Lucky object is carry rat, put dragon turtle in East


  • Good year as secret friend of rabbit
  • Lucky star is good luck, romance, good rltshp, marriage
  • Unlucky star is loneliness and small sickness, troubles and lawsuit
  • Lucky object to carry is dog and horse
  • Put a piggy bank in NW for luck


  • should carry pig, goat and dog
  • confronts Grand Duke
  • No lucky stars
  • Unlucky stars relate to criticism and gossip, big spending & financial loss and accidents and illness


  • will have promising year
  • lucky stars include bright and vitality, romance, physical attraction
  • Unlucky stars include rob money, material loss and unrealistic thinking
  • Lucky objects are rat and monkey, put rabbit in the East


  • a normal year unless born in water snake (1965) who will have better luck
  • Lucky star in travel, movement, changes and study and creativity
  • Unlucky star in safety and health
  • Lucky object is carry a monkey

Horse – supported by Grand Duke

  • Lucky Star is nobleman and mentors (female)
  • Unlucky stars health and unexpected travels
  • Lucky object is sheep and rabbit
  • April, July, August, November finances are good.
  • Rltshp really good this year
  • 1966 – conflict occurs

Goat – Positive year

  • Lucky star in $$ and treasure box, increased power, 3 harmonies
  • Unlucky stars trouble caused by people you know, money loss and trouble
  • Lucky object rabbit and pig

Monkey – Good and bad year

  • Lucky star in success, lucky escapes from danger and a promotion
  • Unlucky star in yin energy, health issues, small money loss
  • Lucky object is dragon and rat

Rooster – Clash against Grand Duke will experience difficulties and turbulence

  • No lucky stars
  • Unlucky stars are 3 killings, troubles, accidents and finance loss, big spending
  • Try to lay low, don’t make big decisions
  • Could change jobs in career
  • Lucky object – put dragon and phoenix in West for good luck

Dog – 1958 is really good!

  • In harmony and will have a good year
  • Lucky star is power, success and lucky
  • Happy events, marriage, romance and social life
  • Unlucky star sudden loss, trouble and sickness
  • Carry symbol of rabbit, tiger and horse

Pig – Trinity friends with Grand Duke

  • have a good year
  • Lucky star with good relationships w people, helpful people, masters, creative academic, influential
  • Unlucky stars are blood, blade, surgery, injury, accident and robbery
  • Lucky object, carry symbol of rabbit, goat and tiger